Paypal dispute… will I win this?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Anyone have a lot of experience with paypal disputes? I purchased a service and it was not as described, in the least. Opened a claim with a simple statement that the service wasn't as described. They responded pretty hostile and tried to bully into me closing the dispute out. I escalated to claim. Any ideas?

New to Marketing, good ways to learn?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Hey, so I'm 21 years old I just started selling private label products on Amazon and I'm struggling with getting to page 1 for my search terms. I tried something called Viral Launch which isn't really working right now for me.

I want to get into Facebook marketing for my product, does anyone know any good YouTube channels or other methods of learning for free preferably? But if you have any methods to learn paid please do share those as well.

Someone told me this forum would help me learn…

New to Marketing, good ways to learn? ^(

[guide] Finding Unlimited Customers on IG

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Finding Unlimited Customers on IG

Interacting with the followers of big accounts in your niche is a great place to start finding your own potential followers! However, as you grow, you will realize that having control of your audience demographics becomes just as important as follower count. Are you an influencer? Then brands will be very keen on seeing your audience metrics, not just whether your followers are real, but whether your followers will purchase their product. Are you a…

[guide] Finding Unlimited Customers on IG ^(

Cheapest webhosting that allows all domain extentions

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Looking for the cheapest webhosting provider that allows all domain extentions.
Also unlimited domains is a must.

Alternatives To Instagress?

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Hey guys hope your all well this fine tuesday!

Iv been an instagress user for a while, and it really has done a great job for me. However scaling up the amount of accounts using instagress is gonna cost a shit ton. I'm wondering, is there any other Cloud Based instagram bots that follow,unfollow,like,comment etc? If so please share. Because I love the layout of instagress and how it works, just economically it will be VERY demanding if i expand to 10+accounts for example.

Thank you guys!

Video Creation VA

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Need someone capable of doing very basic keyword research, establishing whether something is copyrighted on youtube, doing very basic editing (and ideally photoshop) and passing me the video file for uploading.


[No Joke] – Instagress is still working

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Hi there!

This is not a joke and, yes, I cleared my cache a couple of times.

My Instagress account is still running and I'm still allowed to create/edit/delete my campaigns…

Some friends and I were discussing that this morning and we think that Instagress lets run some accounts with a big amount of remaining time in order to do not have to make huge refunds.

Does anybody experience the same "issue"? Do you think this theory is plausible?

Why I allowed to use the number with only 3 acounts on twitter?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Why I allowed to use the number with only 3 acounts on twitter?
before 3 months ago i was verified 15 accounts by one number.

pls is there any trick for that..

IG+CPA Road to $50+/day [First journey]

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Little backstory,
Im currently 17 years old, born & raised in the Netherlands.
Currently going to college doing an IT education.
Heard about CPA a while ago and got motivated by multiple threads on here.
Grew enough balls to jump into it and fully go for my goals.

setting up all landing pages and pre landers.
Add all accounts to Jarvee.
Get my VPS working.

IG+CPA Road to $50+/day [First journey] ^(