Mobile SEO different than Desktop SEO?

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Hey guys

I have a site designed with 5 sections (which includes some on-site content). For my mobile site, I only have 3 sections with much of the content hidden.

Does hiding the content on the mobile version affect SEO??

Hiding content depending on device is a feature of the wordpress theme Jupiter 6 so I'm not sure how it affects the code…

Thanks in advanced.

Whts your strategies using gsa + rankerx + money robot

Written by  on February 20, 2018

I want to know whts your strategies for medium competition keyword when you have GSA + Ranker x + Money Robot

Ranking in 1st page of google

Please provide step by step guide

Thanks in advance

Earn $2,000+/month starting an online coupon group

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Been lurking for years but wanted to bring up this tactic that is still wide open…

We're targeting a small to medium sized town. You can (and later on should) expand to larger areas but this catches fire quicker if you start more localized first.

step 1: Establish a Facebook + Twitter page with a name like "Miami Couponers" or "Miami couponing group" or "Miami money savers" Except pick small towns. once you have a short & clear name….

step 2: Buy a domain with the same…

Earn $2,000+/month starting an online coupon group ^(

Good proxy supplier for Jarvee (Instagram), any suggestion?

Written by  on February 20, 2018

I tried all those suppliers and all Instagram accounts (more than 60) got flagged after some days… The daily limits are very low (100 per day), and it gets flagged still… for follow and like only.

StomProxies, HighProxies, BlazingSEO, Luminati, SLLPrivate, OxyLabs, InstantProxies…

Any suggestion about other proxy supplier to use on Jarvee?

1 Million Dollar [Journey]

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Hi guys! I am Vladislav, at this moment I’m 22 years old and I have a HUGE motivation to change my life.
What I plan to do with this journey :
1.Set long term goals.
2. Respect and achieve them.
3. Set bigger goal.
4. Repeat.

My background
Born in RepMoldova(nobody knows where’s on map ^_^) – 6 years. Raised in Romania 12 years. Educated in Denmark (4 years).
Born broke, raised broke… Alone since 17 – my parents went to work in another country. Had to figure it out life by myself…

1 Million Dollar [Journey] ^(

Is it still possible to verifiy Paypal using a VCC?

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Please let me know any reputable service to do it istantly.


Web 2.0 Niche Specific

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Does it matter if tumblrs and other web 2.0s for that matter are niche specific? Or should I just get a high PA Web 2.0s only?

Making Money With Email Lists – My 40k/Month Strategy

Written by  on February 20, 2018

Hey everyone,
I have found a lot of cool things on here and have been using them, but now I would like to give back. I found this method where you create an email list and then use that to market(I'm not the first one to use it but it could be helpful to some people). Basically what you are doing is buying solo ads, sending people to a squeeze page and getting them to opt-in to your auto responder, where you can send them cool products. It might sound complicated, but keep reading and it…

Making Money With Email Lists – My 40k/Month Strategy ^(

Day trading Crypto

Written by  on February 19, 2018

Can I make good profit day trading Crypto, I feel like I only want to play around with 400 USD for now? can i obtain daily profits in the top coins?

such as

– btc
– btc cash
– ripple
– litecoin
– etherum
– dogecoin

[GUIDE] How to rewrite articles properly

Written by  on February 19, 2018

I have been doing some spinning and some AI based content in my blog. It was going really fine. but some of the reader was saying about the odd writing in the content. I checked my webmaster tool. I was losing rank their I have got in months.
then i decided to give proper attention to my content.

For better or worse, rewriting content is a part of content writing. While every great copywriters to write from scratch using their…

[GUIDE] How to rewrite articles properly ^(