Can someone please help with this competitor site…

Written by  on April 30, 2018

Can anyone find out if this site is using PBN?

They are ranking extremely difficult keyword with little backlinks alot of forum profile and a lot of domain anchors.

Or am I missing something of why this site is ranking so well?

Question about dropshipping…

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So, I was wondering how should I open an online store (obviously in the pretense of making money), and the first issue I came across was, well… what do I sell? I had a friend who sells some shit online, and I know he sells Rubik's cubes. From the talk of his experiences, he was doing quite well. From that, I realized three problems: "I need to sell something quite storage-able" (like something small), "I would like to at least have a passion for what I'm selling" (mine friend loved Rubik's…

Question about dropshipping… ^(

WTB ~ FaceBook Views

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Looking for FB Views Provider [ Super Fast & No Drop – 3 sec Views ] . Please Dont PM Me your Shitty Reseller Panel link.

If you are a provider Shoot me PM.


Special Effects Designer (horror movie)

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Hi there!
I'm working on a found footage movie and I'd like to add a few special FX to it -add scary eyes to a face, blood, ghost form, things like that. If you're interested, feel free to message me. I'm looking for skilled people with a portfolio. Thanks.

Page 1 (top 2) With No Backlinks

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Hello guys. I have a targeted keyword which has a lot of searches (100k monthly) but low cpc. Anyway, the difficulty is low (my foreign language keyword). Top 1 website has powerful backlinks etc, it's OK. But the problem is second website has total 2 backlinks (no hidden pbn or something for sure). How is this even possible? Third and others have 40-50~ referring domain backlinks and have 15-20 DA, so they are normal. But that website has 1 DA and 1 PA :). Is there any explanation for this…

Page 1 (top 2) With No Backlinks ^(

i was Offered $92980.00 4 My Domain Name

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hey BHW i feel like sharing anyways few days ago i bought domain name then 2 days later some investor contacted me and offered to buy it for $92,980.00

what should i do should i sell it or wait? because $92,980.00 is kinda cheap knowing that in about 2 years the domain name will go up in value possibly for millions for example was sold for 30 Millions so $92,980.00 is kinda cheap don't y'all agree?

PrivateFlyingCar & LuxuryFlyingcar Domain Names

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can't believe this 2 domain names wasn't taken by anyone up until last night but i own both of them now and as we all know Flying cars are about to take off around the year 2020 so this domain names would potentially be worth millions 2 years from now

Whats The Best PPD Network in 2018 ?

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Anyone tried broken backlinks?

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From authority sites. E.g. Forbes links to a domain (but that domain no longer exists), so you just buy that domain and 301 it to your money site. Obviously making sure the niche of the broken backlink is the same as your money site before deciding to purchase the domain.

Does this method work for giving more authority to one's website?

Amazon Associate Feedback (please)

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Not sure if this is right thread guys (sorry if not!).

I recently signed up to Amazon Associate and now have 2 orders in the last week – happy with this. As most probably know, you get reviewed after 3 orders.

I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback on my site – do you think it will be approved? I know Amazon doesn't like what they call 'mini amazon' sites and want to see additional value being added.

I have tried to present the site in a way that does this -…

Amazon Associate Feedback (please) ^(