January 12, 2017

A white guy’s story, with a little feedback.


Note: most of this has been sitting as a draft for almost 3 years. Rolleyes Obviously, some things I say here and there, are no longer relevant. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Oui

Well… it’s that time of year again. At the time of writing this thread it’s 1 AM, 6/10/2014. Don’t plan on posting this until my anniversary.

Honestly, I like HF. I like the community, the trolls, and every other part of it. A community is just not complete without the known trolls and asshats that you encounter. I’ve seen and known many amazing people, had some pretty big issues with certain people that I/we resolved eventually and peacefully, and have been lucky enough to take part in several different official groups that have molded me into the member I am today. There are a select few here on HF that I would legitimately consider my “friends”. I’ve been here for a fair amount of time. Another year or two and I guess I could be considered an old fag. I’ve also been here for quite a few “incidents” that have made their mark in HF history. The root drama, Sandshrew drama, Honor et Veritas, The Marketers and all that other “good” shit that’s happened over the years.

I’ve also had many chances to be apart of fairly big things on HF. I remember back in the day when “Logic” was still being considered. I initially was going to go in on Hexicidal with the group, but long story short it didn’t happen. Hex and I never really spoke after all that shit. We made up eventually for whatever happened (tbh I don’t even remember); I would consider us “friends” now, even though we don’t speak on a regular basis.
Honor et Veritas (the infamous Coders incident) approached me when Coders was in the making as well.
Said he wanted me to be a leader because I apparently “knew my shit” (or something along those lines). Was a leader for a short amount of time, then all that drama went down and the group was disbanded. Was rather saddening to say the least. First group leadership ending where the owner was closed, etc. for scamming like $5k or some shit from buy-ins.
I also remember when the member Prokill was arrested for something. Several known members here on HF have been arrested for hacking related things (or so they say; don’t doubt it tbh).
That was big for a small amount of time until it died off like everything eventually does.
Funny thing is I joined HF and didn’t know shit about computers or anything that related to coding. HF has taught me everything I know (with some YouTube and Google help here and there), and for that I am very thankful.
I joined HF because I wanted to learn more about coding. Not really hacking, mainly coding, but the term “hacking” at a young age for a computer nerd just makes you feel bad ass I guess.

Now, for my awards and that kinda shit.
Well, I got ub3r back when you still had to PM Omniscient and ask him for it. That was when I was actually nervous when it came to speaking with him. I remember logging on and seeing the “Re: Ub3r Upgrade – From: Omniscient” and my fucking nuts shriveling up and me deciding whether or not I should read it.
Got accepted on my first application. Didn’t apply until I had like 1k posts and ~150 rep. Was very happy and rather surprised to be honest. I felt like ub3r was something that only the best of the best had to opportunity of receiving.
And yes, I have many awards that pertain to donating. I’ve donated over $1k to HF and don’t regret it. Didn’t do it for the awards, did it because I actually like HF. Never in my life would I have thought I would donate a PENNY to a website/forum, let alone $1k. Like, dayum. Confused
Kinda funny I got the drunk award tbh. After PM’ing Omniscient like 5 times when I was drunk, probably within a 1 month time span, he finally decided to give it to me. Roflmao
That was rather funny imho. Btw, I DO NOT recommend PM’ing Omniscient about ANY AWARD lmao. Not gonna be held responsible when you get RF’d and banned for that shit, so don’t get any bright ideas.

I plan on staying on HF for quite some time. I find it fun. Hopefully I’ll continue to stay active for a long time to come, and be able to accomplish some things that I have in mind.

Coming back to groups…
I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of the following groups (I might’ve missed one or two):
– The Alliance (probably my most proud accomplishment on HF to date)
– Null
– Illuminati
– Writ3rs (for both the news and wiki; currently partake in the News section)
– Techsperts
– The Empire
– The Corporation (first and only group I was invited to)
– And I feel like I’m missing some but ye… you get the point.

The only group I am extremely interested in partaking in would be the MRT. Hopefully one day I will be given the honor to partake in this group. Computer/application security/security in general is something that I am interested in and plan on pursuing a career in. Currently reading two books on the matter; thanks for suggesting them Paradoxum. Pirate
Btw stop referring to Para using pronouns. Para is Para, plain and simple. Nono

I’ve also hosted my fair share of contests here on HF.
I’e upgraded 4 members, hosted a gaming tournament for Halo 3 and I am currently hosting another tournament which can be found by checking out my signature.
I’ve spend around $4k on HF all together; between upgrades, donations, sticky purchases and everything else. Pretty insane.
I’ve only ever had one warning… got it from JD back when he was still an Admin, for “Reputation Abuse”. Neutraled some kid that was accused of scamming someone else. Little did I know you had to be the one that posted the scam report for the rep to be considered valid. Haven’t gotten one since. I know the rules fairly well I guess you could say (thanks to that incident).

Positive was probably the first legitimate friend I ever made on this site and conversed with off-site. Really nice guy, fun to talk to and all that other good shit. Gay af too, kinda feel like this nigga had a crush on me (jk love u babe). Sadly don’t really speak anymore. You still my nigga doe dw. Pirate

Now time for some feedback.
Honestly, I don’t like the new-ish rule that only one sticky per member. I at one point in time had 6 stickies, lmao. All in different sections for advertising a previous forum I had. I feel like I knew at one point in time why this rule was made, but I personally don’t agree with it.
I also don’t like the fact that 9/10 members on this site are immature, ignorant idiots who can’t debate/share their opinions properly; make bullshit claims, try and make you look like shit and everything else.
Honestly, I am very over-zealous about my opinion; but, when it comes down to it and if you present valid evidence/reasoning about why you’re right am I now, I’ll own up and say, “Wow, you are right. I’m an ignorant slut.”
I don’t give two shits who you are, my friend or other, a group member etc, I will do the right thing when it comes down to it. I fucking hate the fact that people think: “Oh you’re a member of XXX group name here, that’s why you’re siding with so and so”, or, “oh you and XX are BFFL and that’s why you’re taking his side”. I’ve also sided with people against my friends, etc, when they are right. I don’t put my pride and ego/reputation before the right thing, so stop fucking assuming I do.


I also disagree with the very small amount of involvement HF has in Marketplace issues. I understand that if shit happened over Skype, some member was impersonated off site or whatever, then that’s tough shit I suppose. But when there’s BLATANT, PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION where you can LITERALLY see someone just got scammed, I think that should be possible for staff to interact. It doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t ban someone when the information is literally like right here on HF and in public sight. I’ve lost a total of around $700 on HF. A lot of them weren’t like the one that persuaded me to write up that above little feedback.

I also think that all groups are shit now. Along with the majority of pretty much everything on HF. This site went from knowledge, experience, and money to nothing but money money money. It’s shitty.

Back when the majority of the OG groups were around people were WAY more knowledgeable, it seemed. Posting something where you needed help in Web Dev? Best believe I or another Alliance member in the Web Dev sector would be there to answer that question.

Something about computer hardware? Techsperts were there. Now I’m not saying there aren’t still those members that are well known in ‘their’ sections on this forum, I’m just saying about the groups that, they all had requirements for assistance given to the community. Not just bullshit, make a thread in the Lounge saying people can ask you for your opinion on their shitty life problems, but topics that involved KNOWLEDGE and other technical skills. Back in the day, group qualifications were more like:
“Give back to the community.”
“Give back to the subforum.”
“Post public, informative projects a couple times a month.”

“Be a member for 3 months.”
“Have $50 in btc.”
“Post at least 10 times with whatever in the subforum and you’re gucci.”

I also dislike the fact that our beloved Omniscient seems to be getting less and less personal with us, the members. But back then, when he was more willing to partake in just shooting shit with us plebs, members were probably more enjoyable. Now, it’s more like a just take whatever people give you and say fuck it.

Not much feedback but w/e no fucks given. I was bored, thought I would go ahead and get this outta my drafts.
Glad to be apart of this forum for 3 years 5 (almost 6) years, and looking forward to more.
Used way too many fucking emoticons as well, butt fuck it, who care.

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