December 5, 2016

Ariana back?

So most of you might of heard the name “Ariana” a member who has gained over 100 rep in just 7 days and 700 posts+….
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NOTE: Ariana Changed name to #Master then to AxiS JR

Ariana Profile:…id=3359096

Argue Profile:…id=3369033

Both do UK Verification

Argue: [Image: 0033eabb26ca1e3f16cbe734784f5d14.png]

Ariana: [Image: 7f94cd75598ce1a8d0b5e1618ea05007.png]

Both gained 100+ rep in less than 9 days

Both gained 700+ posts in less than 9/8 days

Both have a high post count (Ariana’s was 100+ post per day) Argue has 80 Posts per day

[Image: 6805de0c244413c5a35b6809521b404b.png]

[Image: cd6b7282fe859e56eeaa14ae95e18999.png]
Decayed since he got banned

I mean this might be stupid but its something both of them have the first letter of their name the same which is A

Ariana’s Last Visit: [Image: a5b0cf004c98941c09da9cda58b887bd.png]

Argue’s Join Date: [Image: 5c0f165d0943e616637baa15294470cc.png]

Seems rather very suspicious that both of them have a really high rep and a high post count and the last visit and join date is only 2 days apart

Ariana sorryRolleyes I meant Argue getting pissed off at Wander highlighting letters to spell Ariana


[Image: c428d9fc924669cd4279abffddaead45.png]


[Image: 7fc072b09c5b534e0b6ec3fb2fb64277.png]

Why would Argue get pissed off if he is new and has never heard of this forum and could possibly known Ariana Confused As if they were the same personNinja

Argue is “Allegedly” Ariana Ninja

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