December 11, 2016

Artic Gold Multi- <3 R.I.P. man

Hey, lets start with my brother got me into this forum and basically taught me all the basics. i am active on many other forums , thats why i know how to post and all that stuff kind of works. Im trying to make this community a better place!…id=3384957
– is a multi accounter to the finest- even tried to scam me throughout a MM deal-
Which Drug problems-…id=2256060 , he can vouch for me throughout that deal- this member( Artic) didn’t realise that we were screensharing- so than he freaked than and had to complete the deal.

Every User he sees is claiming they scammed him on this account”

Throughout the night i have seen him looking at that profile;
[Image: POXGo2d.png]

Admits to Multing;

Another Account Of his…id=3377654

The thread that makes me Laugh

Claiming i am another user here;

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