How can i change my BHW name?

Written by  on March 17, 2018

Name is the foundation of any reputation, i learn this lately. I wonder if there's a way to chance BHW name. I know if could contact BHW admin to apply for change request.

I did contacted Apricot, but she might be busy with other responsibilities.
Is there any other way or any Mod who have right to change the name?

If there's some eligibility criteria, can anyone help me with that?

Who is CEOsam and NetMoney1?

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Today I came across one of famous thread started by CEOsam about her imaginory girlfriend.

I also noticed NetMoney1 supporting him for his work.

Can anyone tell me who are they?
NetMoney1 looks more like Alex who sell his SEO Course , now he's into dropshipping.

Both sounds a real one

US Phone number for Paypal Verification

Written by  on March 16, 2018

I need US Phone number for paypal verification.

I use text now and other number, its showing error like "this phone isn't registered with your name"

[SEO] Day 1 to Page 1 – Follow My Exact Process to Ranking #1 on Google

Written by  on March 15, 2018

Today i'm going to start my new journey to rank #1 for High Compititive Niche Local Business.
I'm going to follow Mix knowledge of my own and few SEO courses i have learned.

Backlink Blueprint:



Have you ever asked:

  • How long do you wait to hit your money site with links or social signals?
  • When do you build citations?
  • What link velocity should you…

[SEO] Day 1 to Page 1 – Follow My Exact Process to Ranking #1 on Google ^(

[RIP] Google New Update, Zero Result for Time Search.

Written by  on March 14, 2018

[​IMG] This is real shock to time niche sites.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Looking for Rent PBN Links Cheap.

Written by  on March 10, 2018

Sitewide Links Only
Ahrefs: DR 30+
Any Niche
DA: 10+
TF: 10+

DA and TF is negotiable.

Hiring New Writers (Apply Today)

Written by  on March 5, 2018

I'm looking for 1-2 Good Writers for my regular contents.
Most of them will be used for money site.

New Freelancers are open to apply but only withtheir previous sample.

Happy to Join You.

How to redirect all Subdomains to Domain

Written by  on February 27, 2018

I have brought a clean domain with
Ahrefs DR 38
TF 11
CF 8
DA 1

But most of the links it got on subdomains, this might be the reason it has very low DA
I want to pass all subdomain link juice to its homepage.

Is there any way to do that for html sites?