Alex D.

Alex D.

How to sell android app on flippa?

Written by  on July 27, 2018

Trying to rank parasite website with Xrumer links, is this normal?

Written by  on June 6, 2018

Inspired by this thread ^( I decided to test parasite ranking. I choose a keyword in my local language, kwfinder stats:
Since I saw in thread above that someone ranked "clash royale hack" using crunchbase I chose it too.

After it, I bought 14k Xrumer links here on BHW. All pointing directly to crunchbase page.
It was…

Trying to rank parasite website with Xrumer links, is this normal? ^(

Remote Connection to Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop from Windows 10

Written by  on May 28, 2018

I crated simple bot in C# which I will run on Ubuntu 16.04 using mono. Since my bot has GUI I will need remote desktop access to configure everything.

Right now I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 desktop on my home server, it's on ESXi and I access to it via vSphere client in my local network. I'm wondering will I have problem with remote desktop connection after I move it online on VPS.

I'm asking this because I have problems with accessing it in my local network using Remote Desktop Connection…

Remote Connection to Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop from Windows 10 ^(

Bing ads coupons – how it works?

Written by  on May 27, 2018

I just saw on some e-commerce site that some guy selling bing coupons $100 for $10. Is that legit? How he can get that much coupons? I can't even find one for free.

Google Adsense new terms and conditions

Written by  on May 21, 2018

Today Adsense updated their terms and conditions, you should receive it when you log in to your account. I didn't found time to check it yet, I hope there is no need for changes on our websites.
You can check new terms below: ^(

Adsense how track which article earns more?

Written by  on May 11, 2018

If I connect analytics with Adsense will I be able to see earnings by article? If not is there any other way to track it? I would like to see which articles earns more so I can focus on Off page seo for them.

Google indexing 2 links for one article

Written by  on May 9, 2018

I'm using WP with Yoast, I published article few days ago and google indexed two links:

The second one only has image and title which is my focus keyword. It's totally strange why is it there? It even outranked my article for one place. I think that's probably problem with Yoast, how to fix this?

Configuring Yoast plugin, is this normal?

Written by  on April 26, 2018

I leaved meta description empty on my posts as it's shown on image below:
But when I open page source on my post there is meta tag "description" with the content.

<meta name="description" content="the first two sentences"/>

Why is it there when I didn't filled up meta description box? I want google to get full content and choose the best part based on search query. Will it be in this case or google will…

Configuring Yoast plugin, is this normal? ^(