Alex D.

Alex D.

Selling instagram accounts on ebay

Written by  on March 20, 2018

Few months ago I tried with selling instagram accounts on ebay, it was very good
at the beginning, I remember I sold my first account just in few minutes. In the first month I sold around 10 accounts but then I received warning from ebay, they said that I can't sell instagram accounts on ebay because that's against their rules and if I continue with it they might suspend my ebay account. So I stopped because it was my private account on ebay which I use for regular orders.

What will happen…

Selling instagram accounts on ebay ^(

Today I had interaction with the most caring seller from Japan

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Few days ago I ordered product on ebay from the small Japanese seller (he has just about 100 reviews).
Today I received it, I'm still amazed how much effort he put in one simple package worth few bucks.

– He did all writing manually (Address, name, everything – he even translated Mr. to my local language and added it within my name)
– He wrote me small letter about 50 words in English all manually and again he translated Thank you! to my local language.
– He manually created japanese…

Today I had interaction with the most caring seller from Japan ^(

Block copying content from the website

Written by  on March 5, 2018

I saw few wordpress websites, they block right mouse click, F12 button and CTRL+F, they have pretty much good position on SERP. So the only way for someone to copy content from them is to paste "view-source:" before the domain name. Only a "few" people know for that, so I think they are protected.

My question: I'm thinking to add same on my website, is this good idea and what's the best wordpress plugin for this?

Should I use same content template for my website about quotes

Written by  on February 27, 2018

I have website about Quotes, it's basically photo gallery. The competition is almost always under 20 by kwfinder. Now I want to optimize it, add some intro text in every post. Should I use same content for every post and just change name in content. Note: website is not in English.

I think that writing unique introduction for every post would take to much time, will google still rank me if I use same intro content 200 – 300 words and just change focus keyword in content?

How to explain this case with duplicate content

Written by  on February 21, 2018


The first website clearly copied content from the second one. They have strange link structure without ssl.

The second website is clearly original author of article, use good link structure and has ssl, but they posted again after 5 years same article with few changes.

Kwfinder scores:
The first one which copied content has lower DA score 17 and…

How to explain this case with duplicate content ^(

One simple question about link building

Written by  on February 11, 2018

If I build links to homepage may other pages on my website benefit from it?
The reason I asking this is because friend of mine said that google treats every page separately and it won't have effect on other pages, but somehow I'm sure that I read here on forum that other pages might benefit.

My point of view is if visitor come from backlink to homepage and opens page on website related to anchors, that page gets link juice. I'm I right?

Where I can find background photos for quotes

Written by  on February 11, 2018

I made website for picture quotes, now I need beautiful photos for backgrounds, where can I find those?