2017 G2A journey to $1000/month

Written by  on May 20, 2018

Hello everybody! and welcome to my first thread at BHW.

As the title says this journey is based on g2a which is probably the most popular cd key shop. G2A goldmine (this is what their affiliate program is called) for many it might be a bad affiliate program because of the low percentage they pay per sale.
But if somebody buys something under your link, then he/she will be connected to you.. so you will get the percentage after any purcase they make in the future.
Even better: if they start…

2017 G2A journey to $1000/month ^(http://techmantraservices.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/2017-g2a-journey-to-1000-month.924669/)

Is link.tree a good way to put affiliate link in bio?

Written by  on April 17, 2018

Hello everybody!

I'm just curious if anybody uses linktree, and if it is safe to use for affiliate links.