Need a Custom Bot for website

Written by  on July 8, 2018

Somewhat real likes

Written by  on July 6, 2018

Where to find Indian etc workers?

Written by  on May 25, 2018

Im looking for help,
I need someone who has workers? in india / filipino or so that can help with socal media accounts
wht I mean by that is handle the accounts, post, update etc.
IF you have a group of people let me know.

If anyone know any website to find this i would also appreciate that

Snapchat bot

Written by  on May 17, 2018

Hello friends,
(if im in the wrong section sorry)

Im looking for a snapchat bot to do the following…Find new friends, Male/female etc. Add those who found, I THINK!!!!! there is a limit of 50 people to add only / daily.

******Story uploading!!!******

******* Handling more than one account*******

******* Run it on my PC WITHOUT any phone connected IF THIS IS EVEN POSSIBLE? no idea.. but im open to any suggestions

Cooders……what is your thoughts… is this possible? PM…

Snapchat bot ^(

Tinder + FB …

Written by  on May 7, 2018


I have a issue. I have a Private tinder bot…working fine.

The only issue i have is, the FB accounts work for only 1 round..then " please veryify picture " etc…

High quality pics

What is the issue here?! Anyone else running tinder having same issues? please help…I use USA IP when im runing these accouns also..

feels like im spending more on FB accounts than what i get back…

Tinder accounts

Written by  on May 3, 2018

Im looking for someone who creates working tinder accounts!

they should be READY TO GO, PVA etc etc….

Let me know :)

Constantly ” verify identity… “

Written by  on May 2, 2018

Long story short!
My main FB, 5+ suspended AD account for affiliate weight loss.. I get that! no problem…my misstake nvm.

I made a 2nd…REAL account with my pictures etc…

which means I have 2 accounts now.

The 2nd account, I try to run my shopify ads…CONSTANTLY getting Photo verification.. I cant even get past the confirm on ads…before that shit hit my face.

Last time, I added my ad:s Picture…TABBED DOWN…tabbed up – You have been away from facebook please…

Constantly " verify identity… " ^(

Tinder bot – Worth it or not?

Written by  on May 2, 2018

I've been searching like a freak on this topic.

Some say its expensive to get accounts some not..
Some say there are private bots…some say use chrome extensions etc..

Is here anyone that can go deeply in this?
What bots are there currently that works?
how much Do I need for lets say 10 accounts? I only see PVA vendors….but ppl are saying u need tokens? and shit..

Get usernames from a specific user

Written by  on February 14, 2018


I've tried to google but cant find any new recent topic.

Im using FL and looking to like a guys followers images ..I want my bot to like their pics.

To do that i need a list of usernames and use the " Like users photo "

How can I scrape these usernames of a speficic user?