How much for this shoutout?

Written by  on April 6, 2018

Hey everyone :)

someone contacted me yesterday on one of my accounts to offer me a shoutout for a mug to sell on his Shopify shop and I would have liked to know how much you would ask him for this kind of service (I am completely inexperienced, I have never done this before).
I have 7000 followers, 600 likes and 40 comments on average on my last 10 publications and he wants to make a post for 24h… how much will you take for that?

Thank you for your answer, hoping that you could help me I…

How much for this shoutout? ^(http://techmantraservices.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-much-for-this-shoutout.1020620/)

Engagement group : where to find them?

Written by  on March 31, 2018

Good morning, everyone,

despite my research I was unable to find an answer to my question: Where can I find engagement groups?
I am in the food/coffee/tea niche with over 6k subscribers.

Any information is good to take, go ahead;)
Have a good day !

Some questions about scheduling posts

Written by  on March 23, 2018

Hello everyone,

I wanted to say first that I discovered this forum a week ago and it is a gold mine for me who was looking for people in the same field as instagram business.
Here's my question: do you have software that allows you to schedule and publish our posts at specific times? Most of the ones I've tried just send alerts but don't publish for us.
Also, I have a Jarvee account but I host it on a free amazon server that bugs a lot so do you have easy solutions to schedule posting…

Some questions about scheduling posts ^(http://techmantraservices.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/some-questions-about-scheduling-posts.1017535/)