When to expect youtube ranking for BH niche?

Written by  on June 6, 2018

Yesterday for test purposes I uploaded BH niche(game hack) video.
Made good title, description, hashtags.
Also sent few thousand HR views, likes and comments.
I can find my video on search when i filter to "today" but when can I expect to see to find for main keyword?
I am using ytrank website to check for ranking and it does not find my keywords.
Usually how long need to wait till it starts ranking?

Buyer left negative feedback without payment

Written by  on May 30, 2018

What would be the best steps to take if buyer has left a negative feedback, but he haven't paid for the item. Also can't open yet unpaid item case cause it has not been 2 days yet.
Already contacted with user but no response, maybe could be competitor trying to sabotage my ebay account.
What would be the best steps to get this feedback deleted or revised?

SEO advice for ranking website

Written by  on May 22, 2018

Would need some advice about ranking game hack website.
Plan A
Buy domain+hosting, make Home/about/contact/faq sections
Add about 2k word content using searched keyword. After some time(3-7 days) add again post with 2k word content and in total add 5 articles for 1 keyword but different and quality content for each post/article.

Plan B
Make multiple hack website, daily adding new posts with different game hacks.

Which would be better for ranking and for SEO?

Ebay account suspended. Need help with some advice

Written by  on April 17, 2018

I made new ebay account, after selling some things, ebay asked for my personal information(bills/address/document proof)
Same for new Paypal account.
After selling some time with ebay (2 month) got suspended from ebay(Your eBay account has been suspended: Mailing List and Personal Information). I was selling Web Traffic, I know it is not allowed but still.

My question is about making/buying new account?

1)If I make new account, I can't use the same info? Name, surname, address?

Ebay account suspended. Need help with some advice ^(http://techmantraservices.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/ebay-account-suspended-need-help-with-some-advice.1014246/)

How to rank website on google. Need SEO advice

Written by  on April 7, 2018

Some time ago I found great guide about how to make single page game hack website how to make it, what theme to use, how to slowly rank it, but I somewhere lost that link and guide.

I am thinking to start SEO, buying for example clashofclanshack.com and write 1 single article(~4000 words) and slowly rank it adding WEB 2.0 links etc. But do not have so much experience about SEO.
Maybe you know any useful guide?
As for me it is not to rank as fast as possible, I want to rank slowly and…

How to rank website on google. Need SEO advice ^(http://techmantraservices.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-to-rank-website-on-google-need-seo-advice.1020895/)