How does this works?

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My journey on Youtube

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Free Intro and outro maker ?

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I am deep deeeep deep down please help…

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Are these social media dead?

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Should i start with youtube?

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Hi folks!

I will make this as short as i can.

I have under a very long time want to start with youtube. To educate people in fitness and health (in my own language)
– but i am a little bit shy… what people will think around me, (i have a few haters, as we all have)
– can i use my phone to record, is that good enough? (iphone 8 plus)
– Should i start a business directly? because i need to pay taxes and all that stuff, or do i sign up with a network when a start making money? (i know…

Should i start with youtube? ^(

How to move people from Instagram to Facebook?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

How can i move people from Instagram account to my new started Facebook site/page?
People today is very lazy, they do not want to close Instagram to open Facebook then type in the site name and like/follow.

Can i link my facebook site on instagram? Or how do i move people from one media to other?
Is there any "magic" sentence to write on my instagram to "motivate" (if you know what i mean) so they can like/follow my new facebook site/page?

I Grew on Instagram but what now?

Written by  on May 18, 2018

Hi folks.

Now when Instagram will be harder to accounts who are using bots, what should i do?
I am no loger using bots because i am scared to get my account blocked. I havn't much followers but i am up coming on Instagram and want to grow more and more every day. Today as i writing this i have around 230 followers, that isn't much as i said. How can i grow more followers now without Instagram bot?

I have a fitness education account in my own country, so i only post in my own

I Grew on Instagram but what now? ^(