Whats the best way to make money with 50k followers on instagram?

Written by  on February 14, 2018

Hi folks!

As the titel said, what can i do when i reach 50k followers on Instagram? I have heard about
– Dropshiping – but i dont know… My "costumers" may wait for weeks for the products…
– Building a website and through in ads, but i dont know what i will fill out the website with?
– Give out free E-book (CPA??)

In my country (SWE) they are very strikt with tax and that stuff, so i dont know…

What do you guys prefer? I will start with instagram page when i grow followers i…

Whats the best way to make money with 50k followers on instagram? ^(

What do i need for youtube?

Written by  on February 12, 2018

Hi guys!

I want to start a youtube channel, but what do i need to start up, and what should i keep in mind to start a channel? I want to start a fitness channel, if that helps.

Today i only have a iphone 8plus with 2 cameras (12 x 12) and it shots 4k (30ffs and 60ffs)

With good regards Maistroo

I am tired of this…

Written by  on February 6, 2018

Hi folks!
I am new here and dont know if i post in right place. If this post need to be moved, please help me out. Otherwise, lets go straight in.

The key thing is that i am tired as f*** to be broke, i'm not that broke that i havent food or a roof to sleep under, but i dont make money. I am tired by working nine to five jobs, thats not me! I know that i have potential for hard work, and i will work, i am not that kind of guy how is lazy, i know its starts with ME and nothing else. I know…

I am tired of this… ^(