Domain name – numbers in the domain name

Written by  on March 11, 2018

Im looking at a domain name that has a ## or the spelling of the number in it

like or

in google search , there is much more searches of "top 10 songs" than there are of "top ten songs" ……
i thought i remember reading somewhere that numbers in a domain name isnt good for rankings/seo etc

Id love to hear opinions on this…..i THINK it should be good since there are more searches monthly for the domain name with the actual # 10 in it.,

Yoast seo premium – websites selling for 15-17$$$

Written by  on March 10, 2018

I googled yoast premium seo as i was hoping to find it cheaper than 90bux for 1 website use

I stumbled upon a few sites sellimg for 15-17 $ and saying it could be used on unlimited websites

They claim only difference is that it doesnt come with "support"

Any idea if these sites are legit?

Id really like to get the premium as im starting some authority sites. Thx

Yoast SEO Premium

Written by  on March 9, 2018

Hi there everyone

Contemplating buying Yoast PRemium SEO – ive heard its very good.

On the Yoast website it says that it is $90 and thats only for one website???? Is this correct?

Clickbank products – question about price discrepancies

Written by  on March 8, 2018

Ok….so i am searching for a clickbank product to promote on a microniche blog and one thing i came across that was very confusing was some price discrepancies.

When im on the clickbamk marketplace and click on a product and see the sales page stating that the product is $37……..i decided to google the product name and see that the first couple results are ADS (promoted or whatever) and state that the product is $17.

I clicked on the link and its the same affiliate website so why…

Clickbank products – question about price discrepancies ^(

New to instagram – a few questions

Written by  on March 6, 2018

Hi there

Im just getting into instagram today…..never tried it before

I have a cpl questions after reading/watching a few things online in regards to using instagram for IM purposes:

1) when im starting to 'follow' other ppl – how many MAXIMUM should i follow a day so that my accounts wont get deleted?

2) i see that you can set up a 'business profile' – is this beneficial, or should i just keep it to a personal account ? (with the website & info listed inthe profile)?

Sorry guys….another newb question

Written by  on March 5, 2018

Ok… trying to wrap my head around the whole authority site vs 2.0 site

Is an 'authority site' one that is a blog with TONS of articles/posts about a particular niche? (like maybe health? and has like 7-8 diff categories? eg- 1) diets 2) workouts 3) fitness equip 4) etc….)

And then a '2.0' site is a smaller blog (microniche – lets say its about the Paleo Diet) – so theres maybe only 8-10 total posts on this site – a few pillar articles and then 2-3 articles with longer tail…

Sorry guys….another newb question ^(

WordPress Plugins – whatcha using?

Written by  on March 3, 2018


Im just about to start my blogging quest…..I have done a lot of reading and feel ready to get started. One thing i havent researched a lot is about which plugins to use on my blogs. I do plan on using yoast SEO…..but beyond that….not sure which ones to add.

Im looking for a list of suggested plugins to use for my blog …..what does everyone use?

H1 tag- title – question

Written by  on March 2, 2018

Ok, this might be a meganoob question

But does wordpress automatically tag my title for blog posts as H1 or do i have to do that manually

I know i can insert H2 H3 or whatever in my posts and click "header 2" "header 3" from that drop down menu above the text box in the dashboard. But just wondering about the title…..just wondering if i have to go change something to make sure that it gets a H1 tag for SEO purposes


Ok….getting ready to build my first niche blog…have some qs

Written by  on February 28, 2018

Ok, I have spent this entrire week reading many articles on this site and watching as many youtube vids as i can to try and learn quick about how to build blog & do good seo on the blog and then do backlinks, set up social media accts for each blog, etc etc

I have come across some things in the various posts that i do not understand – i was hoping to get some answers here.

1) what specifically is a web 2.0 site? the articles mention building these and setting up links to an 'authority…

Ok….getting ready to build my first niche blog…have some qs ^(

Looking to start making money with IM – have some $$ i can use to start – need advice

Written by  on February 22, 2018


I am located in canada and am looking to get back into IM to make some $$ (ideally at least $250 a month) to help with finances (got 4 kiddos to feel/clothe/etc)

7-8 years ago i dabbled a bit in IM by building blogs and having traffic driven to them by twitter accounts where i would automatically add followers using a tool/program i bought on here years back. blogs werre wordpress and had content automatically pulled/posted using wprobot. Didnt know a ton about seo or building…

Looking to start making money with IM – have some $$ i can use to start – need advice ^(