Which SEO Services Have You Purchased from BHW that Worked For You?

Written by  on May 20, 2018

I don’t know how legitimate the answers to this question will be on here but let’s give it a go .

If you have used a SEO service from BHW and it helped you rank well which one did you use ?

Can One open an SEO Agency and Outsource SEO work ?

Written by  on April 27, 2018

I was wondering if you think it is possible to open an SEO agency finding local clients that pay you $500-$700 p/m and buy SEO Packages from BHW for like 350 p/m and make around $150-$350 p/m per client by outsourcing the SEO to another provider ?

What problems do you think can arise from such method ?

Do you think it can work ?

$5 GIVEAWAY | I will send $5 via PayPal to the first person who gives me a working solution

Written by  on April 18, 2018

Hi guys,

I will send $5 via PayPal to the first person that is able to provide me with a way to help with an issue I am facing.

I have over 400 VAT invoices in PDF and I need to send in my tax returns,

On each PDF invoice I need to take the VAT amount and Add them up together with the other 399 PDFs VAT amount . how can I do this task quickly and easily?

WTF…? I got Warning Points From Mod In Training for This…

Written by  on April 8, 2018

I sent a private message to a moderator in training (who I saw was interested in something from a post of his)

I asked the Mod if I am allowed to pitch him my idea or if this was against the rules and because of that I got 3 warning points ….?

This forum and community is great but I think the Mods need to relax