facebook likes

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how this is possible

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Any good free traffic bot

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Ok i had started my business recently in amazon i have big major issue do i need to file gst return or not because some people says i need to file & some are saying if you have below 20 lakh turnover then you don't need to file gst i am so much confused & i had sold only two items till now & i checked the tax invoice in that there is no gst taken from customer why ? Its showing 0% so what should i do now ? Please please help me out for this i am going mad for this because someone said me…



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I am bit confused is we should go for (FBA) or not because some people says that we can get more sales if we go for FBA plus we get prime tag for products so is it necessary or not ? Because there is issue as we are a new seller so we have less quantity for the products & plus my fulfilment centre is far from my area so it will have alot expense for me so what should i do please help .

Amazon help

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I am new seller in amazon i have listed some new products but there is no response yet on the product & no question & anything & i can't see some products in listing also so how can i rank my products & is it necessary that you should go for FBA then only you will get sales ?

what is profit in this ?

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This guy is selling the product in amazon in 29rs ^(

I want to know what is profit in that lol what he is doing ? Because there is alot loss because we have to pay extra charges for shipping & packing charges etc..

how great khali managed diet

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As this off topic just want to know the answer as if somebody know this .

As we all know he came from poor family background but the thing is how he managed the diet when he was poor ? Because his diet is huge & it will cost him alot

Fb ads sucks

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As i made a campaign for per conversion so that means fb will charge only when user take any action im my website like he register or buy or put add to cart etc. But still fb is charging me for per impression then what is the use of this campaign?

Facebook ads costly

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We are going to dropshipping but for that first we have to get sales for which we need traffic so we are using fb ads for that targted country usa but its costing me alot per visit they are charging 1 rs in this type of situation how can i get sales because i have seen many youtubers saying they are getting alot sales from fb ads only so my question is it possible ? And i have seen many people are showing they are charging 0.0001 cents per click