Spying On Your Competitors: 12 Best SEO Tools in 2018

Written by  on March 20, 2018

Hey ya'll! I don't know what kind of tools you're like to use, but few days ago I found an article that could be the really helpful. So now it would be great to hear your opinion about it and whether you're using one of these tools. So here is:

It’s necessary to know the methods of SEO are used by competitors, regardless any niche in which you’re doing your online business. In the best way, you should check the traffic sources, analyze the competitor's traffic and check the backlinks. But…

Spying On Your Competitors: 12 Best SEO Tools in 2018 ^(

Need to check traffic sources

Written by  on March 19, 2018

Hi all. Could anyone tell what are the tools would be perfect for the traffic analytics? First of all, I'm interesting in competitors traffic sources – how can I check it? For example, I tried to use semrush, but I can't find what I searched for. And I need something like that:
Traffic sources:
1. – 15 000 visitors/50% site traffic
2. source – 15 000 visitors/50% site traffic
Or something like that. It would be great if anyone can help me.

What means a lot?

Written by  on March 13, 2018

Hi all! Hope I'll found the right answers here. How do you think, what means a lot – backlinks or traffic to the site? For example, I have a blog and I can get about 50 quality backlinks for it, but that backlinks doesn't give me a traffic; OR I can get 1-2-3 quality backlinks that give me a lot of page visits. So what would be more significant for the website position in Google, backlinks or traffic?