December 6, 2016

[Bank Managment] 7-day Sports Betting Challenge>> Steady Money

What is up guys, I am here to show you how to bet profitable.
For the purpose during 7 days period we will bet each day on odds over 2 +++ with my personal tips. To be able to participate in the challenge you will need to have an exact bank of $127 (which is completely enough for some decent profits at the end of the week).
What are we going to do ? – We simply are going to start with stakes from 1$ and if our bets loose we gonna multiple the next day
So let’s say day 1 lost, you multiply but day 2 looses too, so 3rd day you multiply too but it looses too, . So what happens now. Here are the money you spent already
Day 1= $1, Day 2=$2, Day 3= $4
So currently you have invested $7 already. You have to bet $8 on the next day, means that are $15 already invested in the project.
Let’s say you put $8 on 2,50 odd and it wins. You win $20 which takes you now from $15 loss to $5 profit. It’s not much but if done constantly and with proper bank managment results are going to be really satisfied.
So what you do now after you won ?
Simply, start again from $1 and multiply.
If there are people that are interested into this project, let me hear I will post my first tips for
this challenge

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