February 27, 2017

Can you recognize these HF members by their avatar? #3

Welcome to the third part of the quiz. I tried to make this version a little easier again than last time but I’m not sure if I succeeded, let me know if it’s easy or hard below.

If you haven’t checked the second or the first part of this quiz, click below.

Can you recognize these HF members by their avatar? #2

Can you recognize these HF members by their avatar? #1

Can you recognize these Hack Forums members just by their avatar?
The following members are somehow known in the community.

Think of the username and click “Show answer” to check if you were correct. If you’re having trouble, you can click “Hint” for a little help.

Please post your answers below and to the poll above, have fun!


[Image: avatar_103669.gif?dateline=1337875303]

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[Image: xzuukm38c.gif?dateline=1486936516]

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[Image: avatar_183072.png?dateline=1462169154]

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[Image: avatar_1093501.png?dateline=1458780982]

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[Image: c7409eecde5064133d359f685665f8aa.gif?dat...1476709787]

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[Image: avatar_952566.gif?dateline=1458183626]

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[Image: avatar_2333286.png?dateline=1485557397]

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[Image: avatar_1990800.png?dateline=1487225131]

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[Image: avatar_1356224.png?dateline=1487188434]

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[Image: avatar_2097293.jpg?dateline=1472166251]

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[Image: avatar_2193596.png?dateline=1476037712]

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[Image: avatar_1785331.png?dateline=1487806655]

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