December 6, 2016

Converting EER diagram to ER diagram?

I’m studying for a database class and came across this EERD:

[Image: KG3UW.png]

Very simple Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EERD), however, I’m wondering- how can I go about and convert this to a simple ERD instead? From my understanding, the only thing different about an EER is that it shows the specialization, generalization, partitioning, and aggregation – for this above diagram: specialization of course.

So if I were to remove the specialization entities for VEHICLE (Motorcycle, Car, SUV, Truck), would this diagram then be considered an ERD? That wouldn’t make sense though, wouldn’t it be important to show those relationships on an ER diagram?

If someone can tell me how I would go about converting this to an ER diagram, that would really help. I know this is rather unconventional, as people are usually trying to convert an ER diagram to an EER diagram, lol.

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