March 13, 2017


The Technique

Step 1: First thing you need to do is to register to a CPA affiliate network. Here are the two CPA networks I am currently working with. I think these Adwork Media is the best and I strongly recommend you to work with them too. Below are my referral links. It’s your choice whether you want to register using my referral links or not, but I would encourage you to so.  Adwork Media – Click here to register  CPALead – Click here to register
Adwork Media requires approval, but it is not that hard to get accepted. If you can’t get accepted by them, contact me by Skype or try CPA Lead as they do not need approvals.

When applying for Adwork Media, do not tell them about this technique in the promotional methods text box! This technique is black hat and it is against their terms of service! Instead, tell them something like you have your own site (pretend if you don’t have one) and you are going to monetize your e-products using their product locker. Make everything up.
Your Adwork Media application will usually take 1-3 business days for it to be reviewed. They will only contact you by phone if they have questions about your promotional methods. Whilst waiting for your application to be reviewed, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2: In this step, we will be making our site. Please follow all the steps exactly unless you know what you are doing as this step is important.
Head over to Hostgator. Hostgator is one of the best hosting service providers in the world. I would personally recommend Hostgator. You can also register domains in Hostgator. Click here to go to Hostgator’s home page.
Click View Web Hosting Plans. You should see a page like below:

Click Order Now in the Hatchling Plan. Opting for the Hatchling Plan will reduce the investments of this technique. A page like below should load:

In the “Please enter a domain” box, choose and enter a “get-money-quick” domain name like or Make sure it is a .com. In the “Please confirm your hosting package information”, select the billing cycle to 1 month. This means you will only pay for the first month. Scroll down the page.

There will be multiple textboxes for you to fill. Fill up your real information. You can either choose to pay with your credit card or with Paypal.
Scroll down again and uncheck all items in the “Hosting Addons” box. Then scroll down until to the bottom of the page. There will be a “Have a coupon code” box.

Here is where it gets interesting. Since this eBook comes with a premium and exclusive Hostgator coupon code, type CPAATOMBOMB on the textbox.
As you can see in the screenshot above, when you use this coupon code, you only need to pay a penny for setting up your website! You actually have to pay $8.95, but this exclusive coupon code gave a whooping discount of $8.94! That is an insane 99.9% discount! This step is an absolute must if you want to greatly reduce your investment in this method!

After you done that, below you should see the “Please review the order details below” box. Make sure everything is like in the screenshot above. When everything is right, click Create Account and you will only pay $0.01 for this step.

You are done! Now you can login to your account and head straight to your cPanel X control panel to manage your site.

Step 3: In this step, we will be registering to an e-mail marketing service. I use Aweber for all my e-mail marketing needs, so in this technique we will be using Aweber. If you use free e-mail marketing services, they contain ads and our e-mail list will be limited to only a certain number of e-mails.
So go ahead and register to Currently there is a trial where users can pay just $1 for the first month. So in this step, you will have to invest just $1, but trust me, it will is really worth it.

Step 4: Head back to your Hostgator account you made earlier. We are going to make a simple, yet attractive landing page for your domain you just registered. Log in to your cPanel.

Once you are logged in, you can see that there are many icons organized in boxes. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the Software/Services box. If you are a newbie, I would really recommend you to use Weebly. If you are experienced, you can code your own landing page or install CMS software like WordPress using QuickInstall.
Copyright © Pilot35 2014. All rights reserved.

Alternatively, if you have some extra cash in your hands, you might want to hire a web designer to code a landing page for you. This will most likely double or triple your earnings. If you can get $5,000 if you create your own landing page, you can get $10,000 to $15,000 just by investing an extra $50-200!

With Weebly, you can easily make a professional-looking website. If you do not know how to use it, refer to the Knowledge Base located at the right of the front page of Weebly.

Once you are ready, click the Weebly link and press the Create Account button. Wait for the page to load. Once it finished loading, you can easily edit your web pages in your site without the need of programming knowledge. For this technique, we are going to make just one page in your site to serve as the landing page. Try to make the page as appealing as possible. Do not add to many words or it will put visitors away.

Once you are done, open a new Tab in your browser and log in to your Adwork Media account. In the Campaigns tab, select All Campaigns, then select Email Submits. Why email submits? Because this type of offer is free-of-charge and only requires the participant to fill out their personal information.
In the page you have been redirected to, you could see a list of available campaigns related to email submits. You will also see zip submits in the list. You can use them too. Now filter the campaigns to only US campaigns. Then sort the list of US campaigns starting from the campaign that pays the highest. As you can see in the screenshot below, the highest payout for a US campaign is $1.85 per lead.

Get the tracking URLs of the 10 highest paying US email / zip submits and save the URLs in a .txt file. You will need to use it later.
If you are using your CPALead account, log in and go to Offers. Filter the offer list to show only US surveys, as shown in the screenshot below:
Now go back to your cPanel home page and look for the Domains box. In it, click Redirects.

Select your domain and add a directory to it like “offer1”. Then add your first tracking URL in the “redirects to” text box. Make sure the Type is set to (301) Permanent.
For example: redirects to
Repeat this with your nine other tracking URLs with directories such as /offer2, /offer3, /offer4 and so on. Why is this necessary? This is because most CPA networks are able to track the source of the click. Redirects will prevent them from knowing the source and hide our little black hat scheme from them! CPA networks are always finding new ways to stop cash incentives, and you will be banned if you are caught doing this.
Copyright © Pilot35 2014. All rights reserved.
Now we will create two webmails for the domain you registered. To do that, go back to the home page of cPanel and click Email Accounts in the Mail box.
The first one should be earn@[Site Name].com, and the second payment@[Site Name].com. Set a password for both of the webmails. To log in to the webmails, go to http://www.[Site Name].com/webmail.
Now log in to your Aweber account and create a new list with its email address set to earn@[Site Name].com. Make sure you do not put your real information! Create a web form and add some text in it like “To get your quick eight dollars, sign up to our website by giving us your email address below”. In the Follow-Up #1 message, use the template below. Change anything that obviously needs to be edited.

Subject: Thank You for Joining [Site Name].com Message: Thank you for subscribing to [Site Name].com. To earn [Amount] quick dollars, just complete the following 10 offers. A few will just ask you to submit your email or your ZIP code while others may

ask to take a small survey or a simple sign up. There won’t be any subscription charges in any of the offers; all are free of cost. Just complete the offers below one by one and once you are done, mail us at payment@[Site Name].com with your Paypal email. Upon receiving your mail, we will review the offers you complete and pay you $[Amount] in 12-24 hours. The offers are listed below. Kindly complete all of them as soon as possible.

http://www.[Site Name].com/offer1 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer2 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer3 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer4 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer5 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer6 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer7 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer8 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer9 http://www.[Site Name].com/offer10
You don’t need to follow this exactly, you can add some more words if you think it can increase the visitor’s interest.

Now add the code of the form into Weebly. To do this, place the Custom HTML element at the bottom of the page and paste the code into that element.

This will place an email sign up form. So when the visitors want some quick cash, they will have to sign up to your email list and complete 10 offers! Since this technique is black hat, there is no need to pay anyone! So when they already completed all the 10 offers and demands for their payment, either ignore them or tell them that they have not completed all the offers in a legitimate manner!

Step 5:
Here is the most crucial step; getting the traffic. There are many traffic service providers in the internet, but only choose those who are trusted. I get some of my traffic from the Buy, Sell and Trade section of a popular webmaster forum called Digital Point.

So just head to the Traffic section and buy at least 20 000 US targeted visitors for your site. Tell the seller to set the visits per day to around 200 so the clicks and conversions look real.

You can also check out the list I prepared for you to get paid traffic from:
Pay Per Click Traffic Sources
Google Adwords – MSN Adcenter – Looksmart – LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising 7Search – 7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network Facebook Ads – Advertising | Facebook MyAds – Clicksor – Contextual Online Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Company Marchex – Marchex : Pay Per Click AdSide – AdSide Adblade – Adblade – Online Advertising and Monetization Services Adbrite – adBrite Exchange AdSonar – POF Ads – – Online Advertising Company : PPC : Email Traffic : Remarketing : Display Advertising : Online Ads : Pay Per Click Advertising : Pulse360 – Pulse 360 – The Leader in Content Targeted Sponsored Links on the Web’s Best Sites AdClickMedia – AdClickMedia Advertising Network – Pay Per Click Advertising,

online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising. Bidvertiser – BidVertiser – Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice. Adknowledge – | The leading long tail marketplace Findit-quick – Pay Per Click | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC | PPC Advertising | Pay Per Click Search Engine AdManage – Admanage affiliate and advertising network – PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking Findology – AdMarketplace – Performance-Driven Search Advertising | Ezanga –
Pay Per View Traffic Sources
Media Traffic – Media Traffic – CPV PPV Contextual Advertising Trafficvance – Trafficvance :: Advanced Display & Text Link Traffic | Home DirectCPV – Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network AdOnNetwork – Pay Per Click Advertising | Pop Under Ads | AdOn Network Lead Impact – LeadImpact
Pay Per Text Traffic Sources
Infolinks – Pay Per Click Advertising – In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks Kontera – Kontera 50onRed – Performance is Paramount | 50 on Red Vibrant Media – Vibrant – The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising
Copyright © Pilot35 2014. All rights reserved.
Linkworth – LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing – Text Link Advertising Inlinks – inLinks – In Content Link Market Place InText – InTEXT SYSTEMS (wwwserver2)

Media Buy Traffic Sources

Casale Media – Casale Media – Home Valueclick – http://www.valueclick.comhttp://www… Tribal Fusion – Home « Tribal Fusion Traffiq – Yahoo AdReady – AdReady – Online Display Advertising Campaign Software for Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers | AdReady Ask – Illyx – illyx Network | Affiliate platform Pay per install, impression, click MegaClick – NOTICE – Online traffic marketplace, where website owners and online marketers do business. – Shopping Search | BuySellAds – Buy Ads | BuySellAds DoubleClick – DoubleClick: The technology foundation for digital advertising Burst Media – BURST MEDIA Dashboard Ad – Dashboard Ad Adengage – AdEngage – Engaging Internet Advertising CPX Interactive – Welcome to CPX Undertone – Undertone Ad Pepper – ad pepper media: Home

Contextual Pop Ups

Adoori – Adoori – Reinvent Your Advertising. Infinity ads – Contextual Advertising | Pop Under – Pop Up Ads – Targeted Internet Advertising Services

AdRoll – Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll Retargeting AdRetargeting – Ad Retargeting – Behavioral Retargeting – Behavioral Marketing – Search Retargeting Fetchback – FetchBack – The Retargeting Company Recrue Media – Retargeting Advertising | Retargeting Companies |

Recrue Media

Domain Traffic Elephant Traffic – Mobile
Admob – Mobile advertising with AdMob: mobile ads for apps ? Google Ads Jumptap – Jumptap | The Leader In Targeted Mobile Advertising inMobi – InMobi | Global Mobile Ad Network Adfonic – Adfonic Mojiva – Mobile Advertising with Mojiva’s Mobile Ad Network Mobclix – Mobile Advertising, App Advertising and Analytics, Mobile Ad Exchange, Mobclix
Copyright © Pilot35 2014. All rights reserved.

These are all the traffic sources that I ever used and they seem to work fine for this method. Make sure to get some free test traffic to see if the conversion rates are up to the standards. The optimum conversion rate is 10 to 15%.

We are finally done at last! Now all you have to do is sit back and watch your CPA network account stats get bombarded with leads and earnings!
What happens now? Out of the 20 000 visitors you have bought, approximately 10-15% of them will sign up to your website (depending on how appealing your landing page is). 10-15% means 2000 to 3000 visitors. These 2000-3000 visitors will get a followup message you made earlier with Aweber. Almost all visitors will click on the links in the follow-up message, but only 600-1000 people actually completed all the offers.

The 10 email / zip submits will sum up to about $10-20, and assuming that 720 people completed 10 offers that altogether give out $14, so 720 x 14 = $10 080! This is just an estimation and your results are most likely to be around this range if you follow everything in this eBook correctly.

Final Words

I really hope you enjoy reading this eBook and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on Skype, pilot-35. If you liked this eBook do write up a nice review to lend me a helping hand in my sales! Nothing is going to stop you from earning big if you take action. I wish you good luck in your future online endeavors and thank you again for buying this eBook.
Investments:  $0.01 for domain and web hosting by Hostgator (first month)  $1 for email marketing services by Aweber (first month)  $10 (minimum) for traffic services

Optional investments:  $30-200 estimated for hiring a web designer  Anything that can automate the method

Minimum investments: 0.01 + 1 + 10 = $11.01

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