December 6, 2016


DDOS-SHIELD – Advanced DDoS Protection

With DDOS-SHIELD, you can manage your website without any interruptions!

Basic Plan

Layer 4 Capacity : 200 GBPS

Layer 7 Capacity : 500K R/S

Web Application Firewall : No

SSL: Lets Encrypt

DMCA: Ignored

Bandwidth: Unmetered

Price: 2.50$ per month

Advanced Plan

Layer 4 Capacity : 800 GBPS

Layer 7 Capacity : 2M R/S (Tested)

Web Application Firewall : Yes

SSL: Custom

DMCA: Ignored (Bulletproof Also Available)

Bandwidth: Unmetered

Price: 8.00$ per month

If you want to make a complaint, we recommend you read the following material:

• We have no authority to administer justice or to monitor it. Therefore, we do not respond to the complaint without good reason from the right holders or other parties who are affected by the activities of our clients.
• If you are not an authoritative person in any country, all your messages will be sent to the spam, and will not be considered.
• If you are a representative of any government in any country, any representative of law enforcement bodies, the complaint submitted by you will be considered by us. Meaningful answers, you will be sent within 24 hours.
• If you have suffered from the activities of our clients, we act strictly according to the laws of the country of which you are. Not engaging in conflicts of third parties.
• We do not provide any information about our customers without a court decision on it.

If you are our client or wish to become one, please refer to the following material:

• All sales are final – no refunds.
• We have the right to terminate any account at any time.
• We have the right to change these ToS at any time.
• By purchasing our service you agree to these ToS​


• Virtual currency mining
• Illegal Porn
• Fraud Sites
• Identity Theft
• Virus/Malware
• Proxy Site
• Spam Site
• Spam Ware
• Spam Web
• Terrorism Sites

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