December 6, 2016

dont know how to react? advice?

first of all, i would like to address i cant post in the innuendos thread as im not prestige 25.

ok so my girlfriend told me the other day that all her family walks around naked in front of eachother, like fully naked. im aware there will be some people who are completely ok with it but surely most arent? she told me her brother (19) walks around completely naked in front of her, her mother and her father.

anyone else think this is a bit “weird”?

she also has some serious issues with talking down on people; “her tits are small”, “shes ugly”, “her makeups terrible” – i mostly reply with just get on with yours and our lives and dont worry about other peoples and slating other people but then i get the reply “you never have my back”. lol? just be private and live life bih.

any advice?

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