December 6, 2016

Equilibrium Official Group Graphics Request – $100 BTC

Soon I am going to be rebranding the group riptide into a new group called Equilibrium. We are looking for a userbar and SF icon however if you could make a banner or signature along with a divider that would be appreciated.

I don’t really have anything specific in mind in terms of a logo but here are my favorite userbars from my favorite groups. (from top to bottom) You can use the new or old style, to me it’s fine either way as long as you make a good userbar.

[Image: EJLnuwo.gif]

[Image: PUZOmVO.gif]

[Image: PTOTuKp.jpg]

[Image: 2fqC8fS.gif]

[Image: 6EF4dZG.png]

[Image: Tr72dg4.png]

[Image: H0fKuE0.png]

Here’s some new ones that I like.

[Image: 1NraJeL.png]

[Image: zXOadbv.png]

[Image: rlCND2P.png]

[Image: YOtxlqw.png]

[Image: M0fufv8.png]

[Image: cJr90d3.jpg]

It’s up to you if you use the classic style or new style and whether you put the name of the group in it or not. You can choose any theme you want, but you should also come up with a good light/dark userbar if you wish. Good luck to all.

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