January 8, 2017

Flashing Stock Firmware For Your Samsung Phone

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Flashing Stock Samsung Firmware For Your Phone


    Before I’d like to begin, I must stress the fact that if you are using a Samsung phone with a non-detachable battery, I highly recommend that you perform each step carefully. For your phone’s safety, it is advised to look into other tutorials on flashing your non-detachable battery phone. If you get stuck in a bootloop, you will have a very hard time. You are following this tutorial at your risk (although generally it’s not that hard and risky to flash a Samsung phone). Ask an experienced user for instructions on properly flashing your phone if you feel doubtful about this tutorial.


    1. Finding the right stock firmware for your phone

      To easily find out what your phone model is without downloading any third party software, first turn off your phone. And then, simultaneously press the Home, Power and Volume Down button to enter your phone’s Download Mode. Hold the buttons for as long as you can until a vibration occurs and the Download Mode warning screen shows up.

      [Image: le0Ln83.jpg]

      On the top part of the screen, you will see something called PRODUCT NAME. Copy the text in a notepad/memo. To exit Download Mode and get back to your Android system, there are three options. Firstly, you can detach and reattach your phone battery after 30 seconds. Secondly, you can press the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power button simultaneously for a while until the phone reboots by itself. Thirdly, you can long press the Power button till the phone reboots/turns off by itself.

      Now that you know the product name of your phone, you now will have to go to SAMMOBILE, a community based website that has a large repository of Samsung stock firmware. You will not be downloading the actual firmware from this site, you will be only checking whether your phone model is from the country where you bought it and find the region code of said country. Click on the FIRMWARE hyperlink at the top and you’ll be redirected to a page with a search box.

      [Image: XUN5Do1.png]

      Type your phone model in that box and you’re guaranteed to find a search result that matches your phone. Click on the result and you’ll be redirected to another page. Click the latest link or the link which corresponds with the original Android system version you used when you first purchased the phone. In case you were wondering about the short terms here, here are the full form and its explanations:

      SamMobile Support Wrote:Samsung firmware is mainly divided into 3 parts

      PDA (or AP) = android version and is ordered alpha/numerically .
      Normally the newest firmware is at the top of the list.

      PHONE/Baseband = phone modem firmware, and is usually different for a network phone.

      CSC = Customer Software Customisation and is where the firmware gets additional widgets and customised screens in network firmware. It also ensures the phone target market language is on the initial screen.

      SS = SmartSwitch (the official Samsung installer) and if hi-lighted it means the firmware is available on SmartSwitch to install.

      PC = Personal Computer.

      So, you’ve now found out your correct version and have clicked a link. You’ll be redirected to another page. Scroll down and you will see an info like this:

      [Image: rPCxISw.png]

      The Product Code is what we need. We’ll call it as Region Code from now onwards. Copy paste that into a notepad/memo and exit the page. Now we know the product model and the region code of your phone. Next, we will download the proper stock firmware for your phone.

    2. Downloading the stock firmware

      Now that you know know your product model and region code, download a software called SamFirm. You can either use this software or use a web-based version called Updato.com. I’ll use SamFirm because it still works and simplifies our time in further steps. If you have a subscription in websites like SamMobile or Samsung-Firmware.com, you can use those instead. SamFirm/Updato.com are free and have no download speed limitations. SamFirm only offers the latest firmware, not a choice of firmwares to choose from.

      [Image: kKMgySk.png]

      Enter your product name in the Model box and your region code in the Region box. Click on Auto and then Check Update. If everything works fine, then the Download File and Version to the right side will be automatically filled with the proper details. Check Decrypt Automatically and then Download to start the download process. You can pause/resume the download too. After the file is downloaded and decrypted, it will be in a .zip file. Extract the .zip file and you will get a file in .tar.md5 format.

    3. Flashing the firmware on your phone

      Before you begin, make sure you have the Samsung USB Driver installed. Download Odin (preferably from this site and keep it somewhere in your desktop. As mentioned in the previous parts, turn off your phone and open Download Mode if you already haven’t. Connect the phone to your laptop through USB, and if successful, Odin will recognize your phone and show something like a 0:[COM8] or somewhere along that.

      [Image: Y8Q9COB.jpg]

      Note: Odin’s GUI may vary over time, but the settings shown almost always have the same functionality.

      Everything good? You’re now at the final step! Before you do anything, make sure that the “F. Reset Time” and “Auto Reboot” is ticked and the rest, unticked (in other words, leave it as it is if you haven’t changed anything). At this stage, do NOT make any changes to the PIT configuration/file, or upload any PIT configuration file to Odin. Modifying a phone’s PIT configuration is always the last step one should do in fixing a bricked phone. It is highly advised to do it with a professional or consult him/her if you are going to do it.

      Click on AP, and select the .tar.md5 file you have downloaded and extracted earlier. Once you have selected the right file, click “Start” and the flashing process would begin. If there are no errors, you would see a green box showing PASS!.

      [Image: wBFUFVH.jpg]

      Your phone would also reboot, and the Samsung startup logo will show up, followed by with the logo of the mobile carrier, if the phone used in flashing is purchased through a mobile carrier.

      If there are any error during the flashing process, or any other process, please post them here and I will try to assist you until my level best. If there are any mistakes in this thread, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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