December 18, 2016


Hi all, I am sharing this website with you. I just received my payment withing 15 minutes of request.
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Detailed Guide:

Step 1: Bitcoin Address
Get a Bitcoin address unless you already have one then go to Step 2
Sign up on Coinbase or any other site, google Get Bitcoin Address if you are unsure.

Step 2: Signing Up
Sign Up on FreeBitCoins website with your Bitcoin address you got from step 1!

Step 3: First free Bitcoins
Once signed up and logged in, your first free Bitcoins are at the “FREE BTC” tab at the top,
click on it if not on the page already, click on the Green Button saying “ROLL” which will give you some coins, depends on the roll.

**REMINDER~~ YOU GET A FREE ROLL EVERY HOUR! (So if you lose it all, don’t give up, start again when you can roll again.)

Step 4: Gambling
Simply click on the top tab named “MULTIPLY BTC”
Use their Auto Bet and change for your liking

I cannot post proof, since I do not have 50posts 🙁

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