December 6, 2016

Gray area of scamming. Why doesnt the Community react more?

First off. I know I will probably get my hands full, calling group owners scammers and such. I’m not sure why I’m writing this, but I have thought about this for a while. I was about to buy a group way back to the same thing as I’m about to whine about, but I changed my mind.. (Yeah Omni gave me permission a long time ago) Despite all.. ol Mad have a conscience

Don’t take this the wrong way.. There’s groups out there that actually doing the community a favour and helping it to grow, BUT I cant help myself when it comes to those damn buyins..

Either you will get ppl with no skills and no brains but with money, or you will get some skilled ones but guys that’s not that active, but without money. I can see that it may be a problem for the groups, and don’t get me wrong it CAN be ok to sell a spot or 2, but its NOT ok to do it over and over again.

Think about it for a while

I mean you can get access to a group for $50, but the next week you will be kicked due to inactivity.. Its kind of scamming if you ask me.. You only paying to wear a freaking badge or they perhaps offer a massive library of 8 hacking threads.. (a bunch or ones and zeros) No freaking immunity from getting your arse kicked due to a freaking T.O.S that’s hard to follow anyway before you enter the group (hope you got the irony here.)

Lets say a group cost $6500. you sell 3 leader spots for $150 and then you have some kind of buy-ins for a normal members.. say 10 members pay $20 for a lifetime membership in group. We also start some kind of group assignment where forum users pay the group for its favours.. say you will get 50% of that amount and the rest goes to the users.. say we make a $200 more “Were not done yet, stay with me” As a bolt from clear heaven you suddenly re-brand the group and focus went from say hacking to Amine.. Now kick all members and sell 3 leader spots for $150 and then you have some kind of buy-ins for a normal members.. say 10 members pay $20 for a lifetime membership in group. Suddenly we deside to renting out the group for 200 a month but after 3 months no one seems willing to do that again. Totally 6 months has passed and we sell the group for what we brought it for $6500. How much have we made?

3×2 leader spots for 150 = 900
20×20 normal user buyins = 400
Group Assignment = 200
renting out group 600

$2200 in 6 months without even lifting your arse from the chair.. Doing this as (no pointing finger here) over and over, just selling the group and waiting a month or 2 and do the tings all over again is as I call it pure scamming and I stand for those words.. They do that just to make money and doesn’t really care about the group.. They just want to make Money. But we cant call it scamming because there’s a T.O.S ..

But those. T.O.S are hardly written to be nice to our group users, but rather to control the amount of ppl that we have in a group. Its easy for a group owners to simply in the worst time as possible, under holidays, Christmas and so on make an activity check. There’s always some poor sole that forgets to write something in the inactivity thread.. and then they make another $100 by accepting a few new buyins.

Or suddenly for some weird reason I totally “misunderstand something” a leader wrote at XXX and now I’m angry at him so much that i kick him from the group that he have managed for so long without problems, so i can do another buyin for $150. (You get my point now?)

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