December 11, 2016

hacker’s urgent help needed(women safety issue)

Hello,I am in need of urgent help from your people.
I am a boy living in urban Delhi area of INDIA. I do not know which countries do most of your staff belong to. But i’ll tell you a little about the social conditions here so you can better understand my problem better.
Here in india like any part of the world, women are subjected to online harassment, difference is that society over here judges the victim rather than the culprit. This limits the amount of action women can take against their harassers as they do not wish for the name of their family to be spoilt.
An incidence happened with my girlfriend recently.
A guy from her town was constantly messaging her on facebook. She did not ever speak to him still he was behaving like a close person and used to send real creepy texts. Gradually, he started sending vulgar texts which my girlfriend kept on ignoring. Then he sent a text so vulgar and so nasty that brought her to tears and she blocked him. My girl belongs to a powerful family in her area still the guy had guts to send her messages of a level really low.
It doesnt stop here, after getting blocked..he reached out to friends of her town asking for her phone number.
Not getting any help, he reached for her powerful father. If a guy can go upto this extent, then he is clearly a mental patient and we people are not taking any harsh step against him to not annoy him as we wish to avoid possible attacks of acid on the girl(common in india in such cases). Also he belongs to some local gang so can be a threat to the girl and her family members.
What I need your help at is I want you to retrieve his facebook account’s password IN A WAY THAT HE NEVER GETS TO KNOW THAT HIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN PLAYED WITH as he is a dangerous man.
I want to see if he has talked to other people about my girlfriend and that if he messages similar stuff to other girls or not.
He is a dangerous man and this surveillance need to be kept on him without him knowing about it for my girlfriend and her family’s safety sake.
I will link you to his account once you agree to help me. Please help us..this would be really be a case of ethical hacking as it completely ethical to hack here infact it would be a great social work.
please respond asap.
Thank You.

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