December 6, 2016

High rating expensive Coke BURNS is this okay? Is it safe?

So I bought some cheaper cola and it was decent but wanted better

I bought a ball of some expensive $100/gram for singles with a ton of high rating one of the top sellers. The high normally seems pretty good if I do key bumps which is all I’ve been able to do after I finished cutting it.

Anyways it burns like a fucker and has a lot stronger taste in back of my throat. The cheaper gram I could definitely still tel but this is pretty harsh.

Is this good or bad or normal or what?

I’ll also mention I smoked a ton tonight and had some xanax but both were after I first tried the cola and even then it burned a lot. I also took about 14mg of addy after so I can stay up tonight to work

I can’t imagine the top rated seller with 5k plus rep would give bad product to a first time customer who shows he orders big??

I’ll also mention spread out through the day I’ve done about 6-7 key bumps and I noticed on the last my snot had a bit of red in it which makes me think I’ll be getting a bleed. That’s not very much considering my last batch I did 2 fair sized lines back to back a few times and had no nose bleeds or burns like this. Only other thing I’ve noticed is that my nose has been running a lot more this time than last

Few pics before I chopped it up fine

Tldr: my expensive coke burns more than my cheap coke wtf

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