December 5, 2016

How Can I Even Deal With This

I have a roommate who has the biggest ego of anyone I’ve ever seen, but the flip is that he is very low intelligence… but I know he’s smarter than how he acts.

Every night he gets drunk and says the same shit over and over. He either puts me or my other roommate down for whatever reason.

“You’re a fuckin pussy”
“You look like shit”
“You’re both fucks”
“I can’t stand either one of you”
“Fuckin assholes”
“You look like ___”

The other phrases you will hear him say a lot have to do with women. He literally can’t pull women, and the women he does manage to get over to our house, they leave within 1 hour of being there. He recently messaged a girl a photo of himself.. she called him cute he then sent a photo of him pointing a gun at our cat. He thought it was funny. Anyway he always says shit like,

“Fuckin hate bitches, they are all stupid”
“Men are above women, they don’t have to work for anything”
“That bitch should be sucking my dick right now”
“If you bring a girl over here to hang out with you, I’m gonna come out here and make her suck my dick”
“If you ever get a girlfriend, I’m gonna wait til you go to work and rape her”

He literally thinks that if you don’t work 10+ hours a day at a manual labor job that you aren’t a man.
I’ve tried looking for other places to live, but since I don’t have a vehicle I can’t find a place close enough to my job. I can currently walk to and from work from my current place.
I really don’t know how to handle this shit

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