January 26, 2017

How To Massively Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

How To Massively Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Things to know first about Testosterone:
– Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important for sexual and reproductive development.
– Testosterone is responsible for greater muscle size and strength in men.
– Testosterone decreases as we age.
– Testosterone reaches its optimum levels around the age 20.
– Testosterone starts taking a dip from around the age 30.

Causes of Low Testosterone:
– Aging
– Certain Medications (Opioid Medications, Steroids, etc..)
– Obesity
– Type 2 Diabetes
– Concurrent Illness (Severe emotional/physical stress from an illness or surgery can cause the reproductive system to shut down)

Signs of Low Testosterone:
– Low sex drive
– Erectile dysfunction
– Osteoporosis and bone fracture
– Depression
– Lethargy
– Insomnia
– Heart disease
– Diabetes
– Weight gain
– Muscle loss
– Decreased physical performance


1) Eat a lot of healthy fats.

Healthy Monounsaturated fats: Olive Oil, Almonds, Avocados & Peanut Butter.
Healthy Saturated fats: Coconut Oil, Cheese, Egg Yolks & Red Meat.

2) Take care of your sleep.

*Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep time (Depends on each person).

– If you don’t know how much hours of sleep is suitable for you, then you should sleep without an alarm and calculate how many hours you’ve slept.
*If you wake up feeling refreshed after 8 hours of sleep then aim to get 8 hours of sleep daily and do the same if you feel refreshed after 7 or 9 hours –

*Sleep Quality > Sleep Quantity.

  • Stick to a sleep schedule.
  • Don’t go to bed hungry/stuffed.
  • Limit amount of water you drink before bed.
  • Stay away from Nicotine/Caffeine/Alcohol before bed.
  • Stay comfortable. Make sure your room is quiet, dark and slightly cold.

*Aim to sleep from 8:00PM-12:00AM (Experiment with this also to see which suits you the best and makes you feel refreshed after waking up).

3) Lower your body fat.

As body fat increases, testosterone production decreases.

*Aim to lower your body fat percentage to 12-13% maximum so testosterone production increases.

4) Lift Heavy.
*Start a strength training phase for about 6 weeks (Recommended ICF 5×5 for Beginners or Madcows 5×5 for Intermediates).
*After 6 weeks, switch to a building muscle phase for another 6 weeks.

What this will do is: It will create a lot of lactic acid due to effort done, which will increase Testosterone.

5) Train legs twice a week.

Legs are a large muscle group so training them will really boost your testosterone production. Believe it or not, training your legs will help build other muscle groups.

*Train your quads in a day and train your glutes, hams & calves in a different day. (For example: Train your quads on Sunday and Glutes, Hams& Calves on Tuesday/Wednesday).


6) Eliminate sugar from your diet

A lot of studies have been confirming this. SUGAR decreases your Testosterone.

Quote:The study involved 42 men with normal blood sugar levels, 23 men who had “pre-diabetic” blood sugar levels, and 9 men who were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Each was given a sugary solution to drink and then had their testosterone levels tested. Regardless of blood sugar status, blood levels of testosterone dropped by as much as 25 percent and remained low even after a period of two hours.

Other benefits of eliminating sugar:
– No More Energy Slumps
– Reduced Risk Of Illness
– Weight Loss
– Slow Down The Aging Process
– Strengthening your willpower.

6) Consume Vitamin D & Zinc

If you aren’t able to get 10-20 minutes of sunlight daily then you should supplement with Vitamin D. Vitamin D increases Testosterone significantly for anyone who has a Vitamin D deficiency.

A lot of people also have Zinc deficiency. Zinc is important for testosterone production. Supplementing with Zinc has shown a significant testosterone increase in Zinc deficit people.

7) Reduce Stress

There are a lot of ways to reduce stress. Almost everyone has his own way of dealing with stress. Here’s what I recommend.

– Meditation (I use Headspace, Calm, Buddhify)
– Listening to your favorite music.
– Praying and performing religious rituals.
– Laugh like a little kid.
– Doing breathing exercises.
– Socializing.

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