December 8, 2016

i also do not appreciate u people talk about autism

this is a not funny this is no joke because i really do not understand about autism it is no fun with autism the shiromani akali dal and anger do you want that you do not try this if autism is interesting ..that is.
. you are a person of size that im serious!you feel that you click the Funny Autism logout button is no joke, and again i tell you
.. why the heck do you say this autism this and.that is world war 2 funny ? is racist funny ? NO so what the heck … people r made different everyone is unique and awesome.. and if u think that u can strip someone rights because of they mentality then u can just frick off

because someone is autism they cannot become dorrathy in the wizard of oz ? have they to be the tiger ? or r u just so caught up in ur smokeings and oooh video games that u cannot say this..

screw you autism funny makers u will rue the day u say this..

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