December 5, 2016

Insane CS:GO Account [need appraisals]

Hey guys, please try to help me find an accurate price for this account:

Steam stats:

– Level 50
– Steamworks Developer (has badge)
– OG Steam URL
– 50 games
– 36 badges

CS:GO stats:

504+ competitive wins
Rank: The Global Elite
Level 37, almost at level 40 so you can unlock the Service Medal soon.
Over watch access unlocked
No VAC bans.

Fully max Operation Wildfire coin
Genuine Nuke Pin
Genuine Guardian Pin
Tactics Pin
Victory Pin
Inferno Pin
Mirage Pin
Dust II Pin

Account has over 240+ commends on all 3 options.

Let me know how much you guys think this account is worth, thank you!

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