December 18, 2016

Just a small tip for you guys

I’ve been doing this for quite a long time and actually decided to share this with you. Itş no big deal, but it may help you enjoy your cheap netflix acc bought here for a bit longer.

So what’s this about? Whenever we buy netflix account here, we are told not to change anything so the person who owns it doesn’t recover it back.
What I do is that I alway want to create new profile, so that I can continue where I stopped watching etc.
What I also do when creating new profile is that instead of name, I put in Whitespace character , more of them so that Netflix will register it.
What you will get looks something like this.

Why do I do it? Well, in my opinion when somone sees this, he may think its just some kind of a glitch or bug, and not a new profile that he didnt create on his profile.
This may be complete bullshit, but it may also be the factor that makes the person not change his password.

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