March 28, 2017

Loc Dog’s Guide To Doxing

Let me start all of this off just by saying that there isn’t a definite ‘right’ way to dox. It requires a bit of out of the box thinking sometimes depending on who you’re trying to find. Some doxes can take as little as five minutes and others could take days, while yeah, it does have to do with the person you’re trying to find, it also partly comes down to how you’re going about it all. The main reason I’m writing all of this out is to help give you both a method and a few different ideas of how to go about that mentioned method. Thank you guys for reading and I hope this helps in at least the slightest way.

– What Is Doxing? –

Doxing is simple and a bit straight forward for the most part. When you take it down to the very basic outline of doxing, it takes little to no skill, even if it did, it’s easy to catch on to and can be done very quickly. To make put it all pretty simply, here’s the definition of dox.

Dox – Verb – To search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

(Taken directly off of Google)

It’s a list really, it could be their name, address, phone, previous passwords or old IPs, whether it be one of those or all of them, it’s all considered doxing. In most cases, people don’t really consider how detrimental that doxing can actually be to a person’s security or safety, or even how it could effect a business as well. Put your feet in their shoes and think like they do, follow their steps almost, now what’s to stop you from going further and knowing much, much more? Throughout the guide we’ll be covering different ways to get all of the following items:

Full Name
Phone Number
Billing Information
IPs (Internet Protocol)
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Card Information

– Let’s get Started –

If you’re just starting off, you’re more than likely asking yourself “Where the hell do I even begin all of this”? Luckily enough, it’s pretty damn easy after you get some dirt on your hands from a few attempts. You’ve got to keep in mind though that when starting, the more information that you start off with regarding your target, the easier it’ll end up being in the end. However, for the most part with doxing you can usually do it all with just an alias, an email, or something of the sort.

A fun thing to keep in mind is that if you’re attempting to find someone by a pretty vague alias like “MarshmalloMan1” and you’re left with nothing but that, you’re likely to have a pretty shitty time doing this. The broader the search term that you have, the harder this job actually becomes. Something you should be sure that you have is a unique and easily searchable alias of your target. As soon as you’ve got something to actually go by, even if it is a rather small lead, you’re ready to get this show on the road.

– Initial Steps –


I don’t know about you but to me, but the sooner I know if this will be successful or not, the better, and that’s what these first steps are crucial for. Let’s be real with ourselves, more than likely you don’t have access to some sort of vault that you can just poke your head into and pull the information of any person that you’re looking for out immediately. Granted it would be cool to have such a resource but there are quite a few ways to really just tell within a few minutes of some poking around here and there to really just tell if the person you’re looking for is going to end up being a “good target”.

A fun scenario to start off with is this; Let’s just go ahead and assume that say you’ve got something like a Steam username. Let’s go with something specific preferably, like “PleaseDontDoxMe15468”. Let’s also assume that you’ve also got a first name as well, something like “Bill”. First thing’s first, and that’s getting all of the information that you know thus far written down for later use. Go ahead and pull out that notepad and open up a new Google tab and write down everything you know about them so far. A key thing to really keep in your head is that all throughout this process, organization of all of this is going to be your new best friend, trust me. Having all of your information organized can significantly reduce the amount of time that a job could take. Alright, cool, we’ve got our fresh google tab pulled up, go ahead and search something like “PleaseDontDoxMe15468 Steam”, maybe “PleaseDontDoxMe15468 Bill”, or “PleaseDontDoxMe15468 Steam Bill”. Like I said, organization is your best friend, well, meet another new best friend called Google, he’s the friend you can always rely on.

Continuing this little scenario, let’s assume that we have a pretty good target on our hands, this being true, Google should be able to pull up some results that’ll help us. The results could be a range of different things like some profiles on various other websites or maybe a forum thread or two where they’ve been mentioned by other users there, again though, keep in your head that you have to write down any relevant information you find, you could write it yourself or just keep those links. Like I said a little bit ago, there’s not really a single and definite way that you have to go about this, but you’re catching on to the idea, right? All we’re doing at this point is just skimming through some google results to find some other relevant information on good ole Bill here. Did you find any information that can be useful? If so, good, go ahead and save that shit. If you ended up not finding anything that you could use, you need to take a step back and assess where you’re at with the situation you’re in.

You’ve got a few questions you can ask yourself:
“What all do I know right now about my target?”
“Is what all I have so far enough, or do I actually need more information to complete the dox?”
“Looking at what all I’ve got in front of me, am I going to be able to continue making progress on finding my target?”

– Digging Deeper –

Hopefully by now you’ve got some decent information on your target. I mean you still don’t actually know who they are, you may not know much at all about them, but hey by now you’ve broadened your knowledge on them and that’s what we’re looking for. Maybe you happened to find some more information on them like a new name or two, possibly a general idea of who they are and a pattern of what they associate themselves with online. Good, you’ve got a good start going. What we’re doing now is using all of the information that you’ve found on them thus far to help guide you to the more important stuff. You’re moving on from immediate google searches to the stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily consider to be public. Me and your best friend, Organization, are going to list out the main tools for the job, how those tools work, and how they’ll actually be of any use to you and your situation. – Even though leakedsource isn’t free, if you’ve got some money to spare you may get yourself a third best friend. Basically, leakedsource puts a wide variety of databases in your hands to search through. You can search up emails, IP addresses, full names, phone numbers, and usernames and it’ll pull up any matches it sees throughout its databases. Think of it as finding a puzzle piece on the ground that you needed to actually put the whole thing together. Who knows, you could search your targets username up and it’ll pull up an entry from the database from some old site they registered on a while back. Now you’ve got a password, an IP, and an email on them which tends to make jobs like this easier. You could even then search the IP and/or the email you found, find more information, and then search THAT information to possibly find more. Depending on which database it is, you could possibly end up finding their full name, phone number, and even address. Finding something like that will likely make your job easy as fuck at this point. – The URL pretty much describes it, you just search up an IP and not only will it let you know the ISP, but will also give you a rough (And I do mean rough, IP locators are only general areas) geolocation of that IP too. This information is useful for something like “cross referencing”. Pretty much if you know someone is from “X” location, you search up the IP and it matches, you’ll know you’re still doxing the right person. – This right here is a Skype resolver. These resolvers can be used to get the IP address of someone just from their Skype name. Even with something as small as an IP, you could take it back to a few databases and attempt to find more information on your target. However, I don’t know how reliable Skype resolvers tend to be, just use these with a grain of salt. – Oh good ole WhitePages, this website offers a lookup of US residents. You can search up a full name and a general location of your target if you can and it will provide you with housing records, people associated with your search, and phone numbers that are on file with your target. – Whois is useful, it can actually tell you a great deal about your target. Fun fact, not for the person you’re searching, but when people register a domain name for say a website, they have to hand over all of their information to the registrar. Another fun fact, and this one will be less funny to your target, all of this info is public on the web. This all assuming that your target owns a website, decided to register with real information, and sadly didn’t purchase whoisguard privacy. This website’s a great source for finding all of their information. – SpyDialer is just a reverse phone lookup, it’s pretty self explanatory. If you have your targets phone number but don’t yet have a name to go by, this website could help you with that.

It’s pretty obvious that you aren’t held to using just the websites that I listed but they are the main ones that I tend to use on a regular basis when doing rather basic jobs.

– Conclusion –

I digress. I started off writing all of this underestimating how much really needed to be explained to you in order to actually be able to help you all. This isn’t all of what you’re limited to, not nearly. Truth be told I could go on for a LOT longer just sitting here giving you tips and tricks to make it easier or just to get the job done but at this point it’s not reading that you need, it’s experience. You need to go and try this yourself, practice, find your own methods and discover all new things for yourself. Don’t limit yourself to a guide. Keep in mind you’ve got to be creative with this, clever, ingenuitive even. Think in ways of the places you’re searching. “Where’s the information that I’m really looking for going to actually be at? How do I get there”? Now, yes, I’m aware that I left a good bit (Okay, yeah, A LOT) of information out of this guide but I feel it’s better that I remain at least somewhat concise. I’ll add another section, leaving my friend organization behind, and fill it with a few tips or pointers that may be relevant to you that I may have passed over.

The Tips & Tricks Will Be Listed In A Reply Below!

– Tips & Tricks –

– If you’ve got a social media account of theirs and want a little information, click on “Forgot Password” and fill out their name. It should result in you getting a starred out email and if you’re lucky, the last few digits of a phone number. This can be useful for guessing along with cross referencing.

– If you’ve got a Facebook for the person, go there. Search through their friends list, looking for their last name. This should help you locate a relative or two. This can be useful for something like WhitePages if they’re below the age of 18.

– Things like banking information, billing information, addresses, and phone numbers can be acquired by looking into their Amazon account. You can possibly find email or password entries within databases. You can try this on both Amazon and PayPal. If you get this to work, you should be able to cash in on some good information.

– It’s a good habit to frequently cross check your information to ensure that you’re actually doxing the right person. It can’t get much worse than doxing someone that goes by the same alias but is not even close to the intended person.

– List of Useful Links – (Skype Resolver) (See if the IP is a proxy or not) (IP Geollocation) (Whois Domain Lookup) (IP Geolocation) (IP Geolocation) (Skype Resolver) (Phone Lookup) (Phone Lookup) (Phone Lookup) (Phone Lookup) (Phone, Address, Family, Email, etc. Lookup) (Social Network Search) (Social Network Search) (Social Network Search) (Social Network Search) (UK People Search)…Search.asp (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (UK People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search) (USA People Search)

I won’t lie, this was a tad harder to make than I had expected and it got strung on more than I intended, resulting in me having to leave some information out. It really started to feel like it was just being drug along so I decided to just go ahead and wrap it up before it got too bad. I want to apologize for that as I am aware that it could lead to some holes in the whole guide being left there. That being said, if something is rather unclear, if you’re stuck on something, or you really just have any questions, feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a PM and I’ll try and help you to the best of my ability. This guide is mainly intended for people just starting of when it comes to doxing, it’s nowhere near an expert doxing guide, nor is it everything I know on the subject. Either way, thank you for reading and let me know what I can change to make this guide better.

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