December 6, 2016

Looking back

Ever look back to see where people are after HS graduation? Looking back I’ve seen people go from AP/honer classes end up working at Walmart or Jobs with a over hyped title. Makes me wonder what would have happened if I stayed in my home city where crime is the norm and unemployed is ignored. I worked during HS and that job was a reminder that this can’t be what I’ll be doing for years to come. After HS I went to college but slowly started losing interest due to the environment and simply because of the community. Enlisted into the Air Force after a year out of HS for a escape and a plan to better ensure security for the future. I currently maintain the mq9 reaper and feel like I made a good choice. Will I stay or will I go back to college in a different city? Don’t know but looking back I am happy I left that depressing city. Is there or was there a time you wanted to do the extreme to get yourself out of a negative or a road to nowhere?

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