December 6, 2016

Male Priviledge?

List showing facts about the “priviledge” given to men at birth along with some other points:

Quote:– Men take suicide in a rate signifigantly higher, 77,9% of suicide victims are men.
– 62% of homeless people are men, while 38% homeless people are female.
– 97.7% of Combat Deaths are male.
– Women win custody over children more often, 82,2% actually.
– Of all homicide victims, 77,4% are male victims.
– 64% of all child abusers are women.
– Only 40% of all college graduates are male.
– Men die more at workplaces than women do, 79,3% of workplace deaths are male.
– Men are 14 times more likely to end up in prison than a woman and recieve 63% longer sentences than a female.
– First-time offenders jailed, 29% male, 17% female.
– Chance of being bailed, 62% male, 80% female.
– Average length of sentence served, 53% male, 5% female.
– Chance of probation or parole, 66% male, 85% female.

While male priviledge might exist in certain countries such as Saudi Arabia or Syria, or any kind of Islam-ruled-country, in general. It does exist in *most* western and first world societies. What do you think? Do we men really have some kind of priviledge?


Quote:Suicide: American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
Child Abusers:
Homicide: Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]
Homeless: Homelessness Resource Center
Workplace Deaths: Bureau of Labor Statistics
College Graduates: National Center for Education Statistics
Winner of Custody: United States Census Bureau
Combat Deaths: Federation of American Scientists
Sentences 2:…e-feminism

With all this information, please go ahead and prove me wrong.

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