December 18, 2016

Mr. Robot & Shoes discord server – looking for new members.

Currently we have over 30 members, great conversation with a group of us being on daily.

We have multiple channels set up –

And multiple voice channels setup.

There is a time and place for everything and upon joining, we will give you a roll.

If you want to troll, we will remove you and ban you – which will force us to take down this discord link and ruin it for everyone else.’
We have great conversations and whatever happens on HF, including your relationship with other users is invalid and we don’t tolerate it being dragged on site or into our discord channel.

This is a place for learning, discussing, general conversation, laughs and more. Treat is respectfully please.

You may request more channels to be opened for different topics and we will do so if it’s going to be used.

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