December 6, 2016

[Need Help] Custom PC Build ..

Okay so I’ve decided that I wanted to actually go on and pursue creating my own custom desktop. I am looking for a gaming/graphics PC. For graphics I am aiming more towards working with actual web design, graphics design, etc however some video editing may be used (not quite that heavy though – it won’t be for streaming or anything of that nature so not too heavy on it)

I was looking at a few builds and these are the ones that I had chosen based off my budget and looks-wise as well as reviews. Basically what I am asking here of you guys is if the build seems worth the price it’s given and if it is capable of playing / doing what I am requesting of it.

I basically want a PC in which I can run programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop at the same time without it lagging or taking too long to respond in between (music in the background as well as a web browser would be nice). As of now I am currently on a laptop that is capable of doing just what I am asking of it, however it’s not very efficient. It lags, and it isn’t the smoothest transition from one program to another.

For the video editing part, I am mainly looking towards using After Effects to create small 10 – 15 second intros. Nothing too fancy and nothing too big however I would like it to be able to render a bit faster. As of now my laptop is capable of doing what I am asking when it comes to Adobe After Effects, however as above, it is not efficient. And at the most, it usually freezes my computer up (especially if Spotify or Skype or Firefox is open).

Gaming wise I won’t ask too much of it. I am mainly into small indie games. Don’t Starve, This War of Mine, and other small games of that nature would be nice to be able to play at high settings, however that’s not needed from me. I also do enjoy playing the Telltale game’s edition of The Walking Dead. I also actively play League of Legends. As of now I am getting okay efficiency with all those games on my current laptop, on low settings. Although it isn’t needed, I would enjoy it if I could play them on higher settings.

Games such as Sims, Battlefield, Call of Duty, GTA, etc would be nice to play on the computer as well, although that is not my main priority and I would like the settle for the bare minimum as I’m not in the best condition to afford a high-end gaming computer.

Below I will post a list of PCPartPicker URL’s that I’ve decided I liked and I would appreciate if you guys could go through them and let me know which one would be best suited for what I would like. My budget lies around $450 – $500 at highest, if possible. These are just a few I’ve seen and liked the look of + what it had said about being able to play this game, and do that, etc however if you guys have any comments or any recommendations for my budget and wants it would be great!…pecs-build

//// I am basically looking for either better builds suited for my budget and needs or some clarification my current list of builds and which would be better for my budget / uses.

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