August 13, 2017

Nostalgia: my $4,168 Micron PC (1995)

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I found this while cleaning out old papers. Ordered September 12, 1995 for development and games from Micron back when they made PCs.

Pentium 133 MHz
32 MB RAM (2 x 16 MB, EDO)
1.6 GB WD IDE hard drive
3.5" floppy, 4 X CD-ROM
Diamond Stealth 64 video card, PCI with 2 MB VRAM
Creative Labs 16-bit soundcard
Custom micro-ATX case with 200 watt PSU (a very nice case for its time)
Micron KB & Microsoft PS/2 mouse
ADI 15" VGA monito
Windows 95, Office 95

No USB, smart card, wifi or ethernet….

Nostalgia: my $4,168 Micron PC (1995)

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