December 6, 2016

Payment Gateway Help


Not sure if this is the correct forum but unsure where else to post this. Feel free to move this mods!

Anyway, I have a web store, been selling for 3 years now. Earning about €5000/year with it. This store is not registered anywhere. The reasons for this are double. On one side, while I have no issue with taxes, I do have a issue with having to do accounting (paying for it) and social security payments that basically would make it a 0-operation.

My biggest issue however is the fact I do not want to provide my identity to my eCommerce customers. It is vital I stay anonymous. I do not need to stay anonymous to my gateway, as long as, under no condition they share my ID with my customers. I do NOT scam my customers. This is 100% legit. It is digital only. But what I sell is “not done” in this niche scene so I cannot share my ID as I would lose all my credibility and the hobby I love to do.

Currently I am using a Stripe account. This allows me to offer credit cards (visa, MasterCard, etc) to my customers. I am registered on Stripe using a fake identity and fake business information.

Now my actual question.. I want to offer Maestro to my customers. Stripe does not have this because it requires 3D secure. Plenty of other gateways do offer this but when I try to apply they always seem to be asking for business information I do not have (Tax ID, Business registration numbers, etc)… Stripe never asked me this, all they did was ask for more general data and called me on the phone to verify my identity. I did provide a fake ID card to them which they accepted.

Anyway….. long story short, is there a gateway that does not ask so many questions? (and offers Maestro).. or is there a place where you can buy merchant accounts with payment gateways ?

Edit: I am now trying G2A Pay as I thought those would be a little bit easier on this stuff as they are kinda grey-hat themselves… but nope, asking me all kinds of legal questions again..

Thank you

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