December 18, 2016

Please, I need expert help.

Hello, wonderful friends. I am in need of some assistance from someone who knows what to do. I purchased a new, touh screen desktop Lenovo computer less than two months ago for TV shows, FB games and youtube. My wife and I watch a ton of Arabic TV shows that aren’t up to date on directTV. More recently when I use chrome, I cannot do anything. Random tabs keep opening up. Keeps sending me from one place to another and then it’ll take me to some spam youtube video, which makes no sense. I’m not sure where the virus came from, but Anti Malwarebytes certainly hasn’t picked anything up; system restore to when I first got my computer did nothing, along with manually looking in my computer files to delete the viruses file by file, but no luck. I spent a fortune on this new desktop, and I desperately need it working properly. This issue only occurs while using google chrome, and I do not know why!

Clearly there’s something causing this issue — I beg of you, someone please help.

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