December 6, 2016

problem with laptop keyboard (please help)

hi recently my laptop was working fine and nothing wrong with it until today when suddenly most keys on my keyboard are not responding or typing characters which are not corresponding to the key i had typed eg:when i type 9- 09 appears or sometimes when i click on random keys to see if they work a program will open up like i dont even know how that is possible i have tried install an anti virus and nothing has been fixed i restarted my laptop multiple times to no avail and even did the method where u remove the battery and hold down the power button that also did not work and i heard about the method about the fn key and numlock but i dont have a numlock key on my laptop i have also tried the method where i remove the language of they keyboard and change it also with no success there was absolutly nothing wrong with it yesterday and worked perfectly up until today any help would be appreciated

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