December 6, 2016

Program Idea? CPA/CPC?

I was wondering if there was any CPA/CPC software out already that does this? I think it would be a good idea.

The idea:

– Login/register to software
– Add link to click
– Each link you click you gain 1 point
– For each point you have means people can click on your link that (x coins) amount of times.
– To get more points. You click on other peoples links. (Incentive to keep clicks active)
– Repeat

I know there are websites but there all janky and want you to buy something or just don’t work. I feel like some sort of software would handle this better?

Is there any software out there like this already?

What would be the flaws in this idea? Other then trying to get a user base for it (If it doesn’t exist already)

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