December 4, 2016

PSN/PS3 ~ COD/GTA V Recovery Service ~ Free!

Although I cannot contribute very much to HF, I will always give what I can!

Right now I am offering a PS3/PSN recovery service for L33T and Ub3R‘s – Free of charge!
* Yes I am aware PS3 is an outdated console, and modding is dead. That is why I am currently doing it for free.


What I currently can do;

– Any prestige
– Everything unlocked
– High, Medium, Low, or Legit stats
– Custom League Play stats
– Colored class names
– Any level
– Any amount of money
– All trophies unlocked
– Everything unlocked (Tattoos, clothes, cars, etc..)
– Any prestige
– Everything unlocked
– Elite titles
– Colored class names
– God classes
– Lots of tokens

* Advanced Warfare and Ghost recoveries will be available soon, if there is a demand.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, please private message me using the following template * To keep things simple and organized;

Specs wanted:

* I will say when to sign off the account, and when to sign back on. Do not sign in until I give the green light.

There is always a chance at getting banned. Realize and understand that.
I am only one person with other people needed a recovery, do not expect me to drop everything I am doing to take care of your account.

*This thread is subject to change any time I want – I will update it regularly when I obtain new games that are in demand for modding.

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