December 11, 2016

Scammed by Armada

Username: Armada –
Scammer UID: Armada
Link to profile: I cannot post links but his profile is armada
What did the user scam? Scammed me of 140$ In amazon gift cards
What went wrong?

First this is my first deal, he was suppose to aquire a instagram account for me, we agreed on 70$, i paid and waited. He texted me later saying i low balled him and he said he will refund me or charge me more because account is worth more than we agreed. I paid him again 70$ in amazon gift card, he said he will get it when he “is home” still havent heard from him been more than 24 hours. He is a scammer and a liar. please help

Detailed description of what happened:

Proof: Not sure how to upload screenshots let me know

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