December 11, 2016

[SELLING] 5-figure Shopify Store + HUGE Facebook Fanbase

Hey guys,

my partner and me are selling an established Shopify store. Below you can find an earnings screenshot from our Shopify dashboard. Most of the sales were made through Facebook Advertising, some through Instagram.

The sale comes with an extremely active Facebook page with more than 10,000 engaging likes. One of our posts got around 900 shares (!) and more than 2,000 likes. The reason we sell is that my partner has moved to a bigger business and I don’t do 100% dropshipping anymore (I’m a bulk seller).

Domain: h*ntingf*
-> U / A

Opening Bid: $800
BIN: Make an offer

PS: If you want I will stay in business and help you with marketing strategy for a few % of profit commission (on top of the sales price) but only like 2-3 hours a week at max.

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