December 6, 2016

Stress vs Botnet [ Rules question ]

Hello community,

I am just after some quick guidance. I am aware that posts / threads around Stress testing ( offering or requesting ) is against the rules. But I see people ( HF ) Allows talk on Botnets IRC botnets etc. Which all have DDoS features. Why is this allowed when Stressers are not?

I am not saying I don’t agree with the rule as someone told me that stresser created some negative media / publicity for HF as some were used to take down some big social media sites. But isn’t DDoS and botnets just the same thing? as in they could equally bring negative attention?

I saw someone say today in a post that any form of stress / DDoS talk was not allowed? I just wanted some clarity on the situation from members of the community. So I apologise if i sound dumb or if i frustrate people by asking. I would rather ask then post anything wrong or against the rules.

As always kind regards,

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