February 9, 2017

[Suggestion] Display User CP “Personal Notepad” easily as a popup on all pages.

If you go to your User CP, you can find a “Personal Notepad”, which you probably have not used too often just like me. I would love to use it more frequently if it were accessible easier. So, it would be better if there it were as a button on all pages to popup the notepad (if you have enabled it from your settings). Why do you have to enable it from your settings? Maybe not everyone wants to have it on all pages. And it would be synced to the User CP “Personal Notepad”.

I think that more would use it then. You could note down things such as “PM Omniscient regarding sticky” or “Reply to Novica’s thread How to get out of the closet?” or whatever you want.

What would it look like?
As a button pretty much anywhere where it fits long as it is avaliable on all pages and not just User CP.

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